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I am sending in a essay about being a role model to the clinics I teach young girls and would like to submit a one page photo of the girls and myself from to It is only one page. Why am I having difficulty in finding the rules? Thank You. Kaylee Egerer. The things that I am the most passionate about in my life is art and mathematics. With these two passions, I intend to study mechanical engineering, which combines these two subjects, when i go off to attend college at the University of Wisconsin-Madson. However, even though I have been accepted into this university, I am currently unable to pay for all of my future college expenses.

If I were to recieve this scholarship, I would be able to pay for things such as tuition, books, food, and living space. Also, I believe I am very deserving of this scholarship because I demonstrate academic dedication everyday at my high school, Rufus King, due to that I am a full IB student, a student-athlete, and an honor roll student. Please consider me as a recipient of this scholarship. Please advise the winners of the Bratz Scholarship.

I really appreciate your help. Thanking you in advance. Please let me know the winners of the Bratz Scholarship. COM but it would no give me winners. Please let me know.

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Thank you in advance for your help. You can send to me at the following email address case nortek-inc. I am a senior this year and will be going into college next year so I was wondering when the next contest will begin and when its deadline will be? Thanks for all your help. Sasha You Are Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I graduated high school early three weeks ago. I want to be a role model for them so, I try to do everything i can to set them up for success. This scholarship would help me pay tuition and it would help me in the long role. Help make me a 1st college graduate in my family. I want this because i want my dreams to come true to be a pathologist and a fashion designer.

Then because I want to go to harvard university and do this for my family and me. Recently within the larger struggling toy industry, Barbies sales have fallen for seven straightquarters on a year-to-year basis.

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Global sales of Barbie have fallen 18 per cent as of while sales inthe United States have decreased by 30 per cent. This is the first time that Mattel has dealt with such aserious drop in revenue as Barbie accounts for an estimated 25 to 35 per cent of Mattels total sales. There has also been a serious backlash against Barbie amongst girls ages seven to eleven. Bratz dolls are maincompetition for Barbie and as of , sales of Bratz are up by 40 per cent. In addition to these formal campaigns, Barbie also faced stiff critiques in the forms of parodythrough the late s through music, commercials and photography.

Problem: Lack of constructive two-way communication with their publics! Problem: Lack of response to the critical campaigns of detractors:! Problem: Lack of understanding the deeper issues of Barbies figure and appearance! Bratz dolls are more proportionate and fashion forward! Opportunity: Barbie as a storyteller for young girls ages three to six! Opportunity: Barbie as an fashion icon for girls ages seven to twelve! Mattel mustfirst realize that failure to constructively respond to the criticisms further damages Barbies reputationamong all publics. Objective 1: To have an effect on the awareness of customer-parents, specifically to increase theunderstanding of parents about Mattels new policies regarding constructive two-way communication withcritics and competitors, reaching 70 per cent of the parent demographic within the next fiscal year.

Corrective Action — publicly recognize failure to establish communication with critics, repair the damage with critics done through lawsuits and work to prevent reoccurrence through new policies! Sponsorships — scholarships for adolescent girls based on the fields that Barbie has had careers in such as Dr. Barbie, Architect Barbie, Veterinarian Barbie, etc. Strategic Philanthropy — donate to not-for-profits that relate directly to issues regarding body image and self-esteemObjective 2: To have an effect on the acceptance of girls between the ages of seven and twelve,specifically to generate interest among 30 per cent of North American girls in that age bracket for BarbiesMyScene collection within the next fiscal year.

Newsworthy Information — Barbie presidency bids for Objective 3: To have an affect on the action of customer-parents, specifically to increase sales of allBarbie products by 30 per cent within the next fiscal year. Organizational Performance — adapt Barbie to appeal to parents by being less edgy than Bratz but still fashion-forward to warrant interest among girls ages seven to twelve! Transparent Communication — address issues with customer-parents surrounding Mattels handling of Barbies image! Special Events — Holiday Barbie editions — multicultural; short essay contests; parade floats4.

Younger children can enjoy creating story linesfor Barbie and her friends and practice their social skills by playing with Barbie while older girls agedseven to twelve can turn to Barbie as a fashion icon, following her journey through the Fashion Weeks ofthe world and purchasing items from her MyScene and Fashion Luxe lines of clothing.

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The MyScene and Fashion Luxe clothing collections can be foundat a number of your favourite stores, proving that Barbie is not just for your little sister anymore! Followher journey as she experiences all the major Fashion Weeks in , tweeting and blogging about them asshe goes! Write to Barbie and tell her what she means to you and you could win an incredible Barbie prizepack with enough stuff to share with all your friends!

For this reason we are hoping to form partnerships withimportant organizations who are also committed to the well-being of young girls, their body image, andself esteem. Barbie does not want to leave her fans behind, nor does she want to be leftbehind, as our industry moves forward to a more interactive and supportive role in the lives of children. Moving forward, Barbie is taking steps to evolvingand revamping our image to once again be the number one choice of toy for young girls aged three to sixand to also establish Barbie as the number one brand for girls aged seven to twelve as well with new focusplaced on the MyScene and Fashion Luxe clothing and accessory lines.

By refocusing our efforts on notonly our products but also our key audiences, girls aged three to twelve and their parents, Barbie will soonbe as dear to the hearts of this generation as she has been for over fifty years.

Finalize policy February! Create fact sheet of new policy February! Email fact sheet March! Upload fact sheet to employee intranet March! Hold meetings with main offices across North America March External! Draft speech for Public Affairs meeting February! Finalize speech February! Plan meeting February! Invite media February! Provide copies of new policy March! Upload speech and policy to website March!

Message from the President blog March! Use social media Facebook, Twitter as free advertisement February! Set up scholarship fund April!