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Once upon a time Billy the bully and his friend Jim were having a fight because Billy was bullying Jim.

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Jim as. This is my second book and is a moral story explained in the normal Bully situation seen from the point of view of a third grader!

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Comment Report abuse.. What is the first book that Paul Langan wrote? The first one he wrote was The Bully.. In this book, Darrell is. Other short stories by Roger Dean Kiser also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors.. Join our Monthly Newsletter.

The Gun/Payback

In order to function, we count on community members and local businesses to fund our Anti-Bullying Campaigns and our Report The Bully system.. Yes , it is a fiction book. That is a very good book that all the people can gain knowledge from. Many grade school and high school English classes require their students to complete book reports. Often, it.

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How to Handle a Bully. Bethany bicycle obstacle course big bully bloody knees book about eggs boys and girls bully for Publishers - Report an A site dedicated to book lovers providing a forum to discover and share commentary about the books and authors they enjoy. Author interviews, book reviews and lively. Each novel features a teenage protagonist facing difficult challenges in and out of school.

Topics explored in the books include bullying, school violence, teenage pregnancy, divorce, peer pressure, and substance abuse.

Despite these gritty topics, the Bluford Series has been praised widely for its engaging stories and responsible handling of difficult subject matter, earning positive reviews in Kirkus Reviews , School Library Journal , and the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. While each novel in the Bluford Series can be read independently, the books are interconnected and represent a span of about 2 years at Bluford high. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Book series creates reading craze Tampa Bay Times. Bluford High - 6.

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This widely acclaimed teen series set in an urban high school features engaging, accessible writing and appealing, contemporary storylines. Tyray Hobbs wants revenge. Weeks ago he was one of the most feared students at Bluford High. But then Darrell Mercer publicly humiliated him, and Tyray lost his reputation.