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Other provinces also have trouble attracting capitals.

This has resulted in calls for the abolishing of the unitary system and powers being devolved. Further federalism has also been proposed as a solution the ethnic issues. The Tamil minority is under represented despite being the majority in the Northern province. This also lead to a civil war between the government and Tamil Nationalist militants. Federalism has been proposed as a method for sharing power. Several heads of states such as S. D Bandaranaike , J. R Jayawardena , and Chandrika Kumaratunga have also accepted federalism as a solution to the island's issues, however did not implement a federal system.

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Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective and add more content related to non-recent events. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. I gave this fact not to create "hatred" but to show why Tamils lost positions in the army after that incident. Because Liyanage was the first accused, does not disprove the fact that a high proportion of Tamil-Christians were involved in the coup.

Compare this with the bogus Buddhist coup of in which Dodampe Mudalali, Ven. Henapitagedara Ghanaseeha and Gen. Richard Udugama were the victims.

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A Tamil Homeland is a myth. In the era when in the British India the idea of separate regions for language groups were in discussion Morley-Minto Reforms , Montagu-Chelmsford Report , and in May , when the Simon Report finally accepted the concept of federalism for India what was the picture in the colony of Ceylon?

The Donoughmore Commission in rejected it and the Soulbury Commission too rejected it. This was despite an unholy agreement between the Sinhala and Tamil Colombo black white ruling families during under the patronage of a cunning British governor Manning. That agreement was similar to what is now proposed as a solution to the Iraq dilemma or the JRJ-AJ Wilson authored death-trap constitution which the "visionary president" CBK identified as "bahu bootha vivastava.

Because at best one could think of a separate language region in Jaffna or some parts of the Northern Province and that limestone region was not viable for a separate federal state.

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Jaffna was then and now a "money order" economy, monthly postal money orders coming from Malaya, Colombo, Matara and Kandy. If there was any justification the colonial master would have created a second Ali Jinnah in Jaffna. So in the late s, as A. Wilson recorded his father-in-law born in Malaya came up with a homeland plan. As the geography professor G.

When I was working at the Puttalam Cement factory in , Tamils considered coming even on temporary transfer from KKS cement factory to Puttalam as a punishment. I escaped malaria because of the mosquito net. It took me 5 busses and 10 hours to go from Puttalam to Kotte but one bus took them to Jaffna.

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The works manager had to bring workers from his hometown Kegalle because Tamils did not want to come to Puttalam. I am preparing a separate essay on why Indian federalism is the latest peace mirage for Sri Lanka, but in the meantime K should re-think my marriage example, this time in the light of the preamble given by Prabakaran in his P-TOMS document.

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That preamble is not a love letter for a new federal partnership. If Sri Lanka is a huge merry-go-round there should be a balance between centripetal and centrifugal forces. What Prabakaran is asking is a separate Nazi-type merry-go-round for him. This was what the Sinhala Colombo politicians did to the Sinhala youth which boomeranged in Hindu Tamil leaders such as Math prof.

Sundaralingam in Jaffna were busy in preventing caste pollution in kovils. Tamil "boys" ended as death machines.

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Think of the irony, those who want to kill Ariel Sharon are the same people that he instigated to settle down in Arab lands decades ago. There is a fear that some in the West think of Balkanization of India. This has already happened for other countries after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In this climate if a Christian-born Prabakaran captures Trincomalee he can have his stepping stone because during the past 10 years he used "peace" to arm to the teeth with the help a Sri Lankan President and a Prime Minister and a "machang" defense secretary.

I do not know how K can solve the future problems of the "hydrologic cycle" by present discussions.

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Water shortage is a time and space issue. Federal Indian states have had water disputes and food disputes single-state food zones. I know he helped poor and disadvantaged Muslims. What is extra-radical in standardization? USA, Brazil and India do it. The late Mr. Wilmot A. Perera was never a radical or a racist. He opposed any tampering with university entrance policy all his life.

But finally after Tamil professors got caught red-handed, he accepted that systematic "cheating" that was going on must be dealt with. Then only M. Sivasithamparam could be honoured by all of us. Mudliyar Solomon Bandaranayaka or the Soysas could never reach that level. K should consider the proportions. For example, there was a big discussion on how the Balapatabendi family got so much money in Australia. I lived with Tamils as roommates. My best friend in USA is a Tamil.