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Journal list menu Journal. International Journal of Dental Hygiene. Edited By: Prof. Impact factor: 1. Online ISSN: Best Paper Award Congratulations to Dr. Grewal N, Kaur M. Status of oral health awareness in Indian children as compared to western children a pilot study. Oral health related KAP among year old schoolchildren in a government aided missionary school of Bangalore city. Oral health knowledge, attitude and behaviors of adults in China.

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El - Qaderi, Taani DQ. Oral health knowledge and dental health practices among schoolchildren in Jerah district -Jordan. Int J Dent Hyg ; Oral health behavior of children and adults in urban and rural areas of BukinaFasa, Africa. Oral health knowledge and sources of information among Saudi schoolchildren. OdontoStomatol Trop ; This article has been cited by. Related articles Attitude and practices India oral health-related knowledge Panchkula rural schoolchildren. Materials and Me Article Tables. By becoming a dental hygienist I will accommodate a good amount of pay to support myself and my future family.

Becoming a hygienist is most likely the best choice for me because I have always been interested in teeth and one of my main priorities is my oral hygiene. But also, I have been told that I am really good at making people feel more comfortable and helping them relax Strong Essays words 3 pages Preview. I chose this career in senior year of high school.

My algebra teacher inspired me to choose this career path. I always visited with her after class, for she was my favorite teacher and I learned a great deal from her. One day while visiting her, she spoke about her husband and her two dogs.

Her husband was a dental hygienist, and she recommended me to explore further into that career if I could not think of one myself by the completion of senior year Literature Review 1. People may need to face their own oral problems. Some important findings has been explored. According to the Oral health Survey established by Department of Health in Hong Kong and Annual Report of Bureau of Health Promotion in Taiwan , 9 persons in ten have different level of periodontal disease.

This indicates that people may not maintain a good oral health and do not have enough knowledge to having good oral health Every day there are new challenges and unusual situations that occur in the dental field, but one challenge that continues to come about and has been a big dispute over the years is the ability to provide beneficial information about oral health care for the underprivileged.

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For the individuals that are not fortunate enough to pay to have services done in the dental office, lack the knowledge of how important good oral health care is Also, to use factual information based on multiple resources to support the importance of good hygiene. Based on some homeless individuals having mental illness, developmentally delayed and younger age groups, I wanted to give step by step information to implement hygiene practices.

Recommendation was made to use a hygiene log for those with poor record keeping o keep. Importance was stressed to make sure hygiene care was completed, and supplies used for personal care is also maintained in a cleanly manner see Appendix A and B for more information on the Lesson plan The career I want to study is dental hygiene. When telling people what my major is they all tend to ask the same question. My response to the question is that the career will give me the opportunity to help people become more confident with their smiles.

The question to me is kind of misleading about the career. Poor oral hygiene leads to number of oral as well as other diseases. Among oral diseases dental caries and periodontal diseases are most common diseases which are highly preventable merely by good oral hygiene practice.

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X Dental caries is a destructive progressive disease of the tooth in which dissolution of tooth tissue occurs by the acids produced by the bacteria using dietary carbohydrates living in the plaque. Powerful Essays words 9. As the medical field has progressed some focus has been lost on preventing spread of disease because so much research and collaboration is dedicated to curing a disease once it occurs.

While medications and vaccines continue to be remarkable, and usually lifesaving discoveries, it is important to remember the basics of preventing the initial spread of these communicable diseases and infections Health education about personal hygiene in this area will help to early identification of any morbid. Study showed Annette was performing her usual head, neck, and oral exam on a patient and she found an enlarged thyroid.

She recommended to the patient that she go see her primary care physician to get a better diagnosis. The patient went to her primary care physician and was told it was probably nothing. Later the patient returned to the dental office and saw Annette and told her what the physician said A career as a dental hygiene instructor for a basic preparation dental hygiene program is my opportunity to not only effectively utilize my leadership skills to facilitate a well coordinated learning milieu for dental hygiene students, but also to advocate various inter related dental hygiene roles such as that of a clinician and The study shows However, Although Free Essays words 2 pages Preview.

The most common lesions included uremic fetor and halitosis, pale mucosa, pigmentation lips and xerostomia. Studying hemodialysis patients, Kho and colleagues reported frequency of uremic fetor, xerostomia, dysgeusia, pain in tongue and mucosa, petechiae, coated tongue, enamel hypoplasia and oral lesions in The collection of the data was undertaken between February and June The children were recruited from local state schools using a two stage stratified sampling strategy.

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Powerful Essays words 4. Term Papers words 6. Fifty-nine percent of 12 to 19 year olds have tooth decay.

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Four times more adolescents suffer from tooth decay than asthma. It may be because of the way they took care of their teeth while they were alive and the precaution methods they were educated about. Educating people about oral health is really important because teeth are the strongest bone in our body and they even preserve the most after we pass away, this means it is an essential factor to knowing how to protect them from getting a disease and keeping them as long as possible Being purely on voluntary basic in in nature, children enrollment in the Before School Check B4SC is highly depending on the family participation Rajput et al.

Although alcohol has been around since as early as 10, B. There are also prescription drugs that are as harmful and addictive as street drugs when taken continuously in large doses over time such as Dilantin. This report will discuss in depth the long term damage of drug and alcohol abuse in the oral cavity A dental hygiene facility may have created this advertisement in hopes of getting the attention of customers who usually do not go to the dentist.

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In a study conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology, men are twice as less likely to receive a regular routine check-up than women. With this information, it is obvious that this ad was directed toward males. This type of advertisement was most likely placed in an area where it could be seen by men, for example, a sports magazine or in a male restroom The elongated papillae usually exhibit brown, yellow, or black pigmentation. Most patients are asymptomatic, but occasionally patients complain of irritation, gagging, or an altered taste. Patients are usually heavy smokers with poor oral hygiene and some have vitamin deficiencies, GI problems, or radiation therapy.

Cures range from just brushing the tongue to corticosteroid therapy Free Essays words 7. The gums in the teeth destroy the tissues because of the inflammation and infection known as periodontal disease MedlinePlus n. Most of the time gingivitis is from not brushing and flossing which may lead to the use of certain drugs and source of medical disorders Periodontal disease is inflammation and infection that destroys the tissues of the gums in the teeth MedlinePlus n. Most of the time gingivitis is from not brushing and flossing which may cause medical disorders or the use of certain drugs.

Gingivitis is a common disease in which the gums turn red, swollen, and bleeds Maintaining healthy teeth by following proper oral care comes with benefits for a lifetime such as a healthier mouth and prevention of oral problems. First impressions are hugely crucial and the best way to create a great first impression is to look clean and fresh Powerful Essays words 5 pages Preview. It mainly affects children under the age of five, although individuals of any age may contract it World Health Organization, [C].

However, the low-income countries are affected more due the lack of capacity and training to address these challenges. Similarly, polio may not seem an issue in the developed countries, yet it remains endemic in many countries such as s Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria1. Oral polio vaccine Sabin or OPV is the vaccine of preference in such endemic areas owing to easier administration.

Not only can it be easily administered, but it can also be dispensed by workers or volunteers without much formal training Oral health for the general public, especially the underserved, has been consistently overlooked. Low-income families and developing countries, who are the most vulnerable to oral problems, are the population that is the most ignored.

Five and a half percent of people, in , either could not receive dental care or were putting it off Powerful Essays words 5. They were asked to perform mouth rinsing thoroughly once daily for 60s and spit out the solution. After this procedure, the children were instructed not to eat or drink anything for about thirty minutes.

The above procedure was repeated on each school day during morning hours for a period of six months, starting October The subjects were instructed to report any adverse events such as sickness, change in taste perception, soreness of the tongue, edema, redness, sensitivity, burning sensation of the oral mucosa and visible staining during the course of the study, to the class teacher or investigator It seemed like they had so much time in their hands even though they were working do hard to provide for our family.

The amount of effort they put into their education and their work seems really worth it in the end These few words become ingrained, acting as a constant reminder that the proposed ideal body of a woman should be curvaceous, slender, and fit as portrayed in the media. Bacteria quickly multiply inside the mouth from food and beverage debris between teeth and near gum tissue. One of the best ways to remove debris is by flossing teeth each evening. A dentist can perform a tooth cleaning procedure or treat inflamed gums to reduce the incidence of halitosis.

Teeth Whitening As people age, their teeth often develop discolorations from medications, smoking or food. Free Essays words 1. Customer in all over the world still preferring to use the products of Colgate Palmolive Co. Colgate-Palmolive Co is recognized as a leader in sales of oral hygiene products sales. I want to pursue a career in Dentistry for many reasons.


Being a Dentist, you get to aid people and make them feel better about themselves. I have the personal qualities to be a Dentist and know that I would be great at the job. I would look forward to going to work every day. Dentistry contains many tools and oral practices that I am not familiar with. It would be awesome to get to be familiar with the lifestyle of a Dentist. Someday, I might even be able to live their lifestyle As time goes by we change what we want to do so many times.