Oklahoma city bombing research paper

The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Trial of Timothy J. McVeigh: An Account

Due to the media tendencies of quickly abandoning the story once it had lost its drama, issues on terrorism becomes any other news story that could be just thrown away and be forgotten. Thus, it is not surprising then that people fail to appreciate its context, or see it as one part of a long-running historical struggle. McVeigh's military background had already taught him all that he needed to know about weapons and explosives.

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He merely needed to obtain the proper materials and build a bomb. Some of the materials were bought and others were stolen. Then it was time to assemble the bomb. As CNN reports, co-conspirator "Fortier told the court that McVeigh had written to him in the fall of , 'telling me.

Code, A form. Download this Research Paper in word format. Read Full Research Paper. McVeigh and a second unidentified suspect were observed visiting other Federal buildings in other cities before they selected Oklahoma City for reasons that are still unclear, officials said. Those reports have not been confirmed. The search for John Doe No.

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McVeigh to the truck rental office in Junction City, Kan. McVeigh was stationed before his discharge in The inquiry has also expanded to include Mr. McVeigh's younger sister. A search warrant was issued at P. Law-enforcement officials said she was close to Mr.

McVeigh, shared his anti-Government views and had several conversations with him in recent months. The warrant specified that the search sought explosive devices, bomb-making equipment, manuals related to any paramilitary groups espousing violence against the Government and any documents showing a connection to individuals believed to be involved in the Oklahoma City bombing. Local news reports tonight said that she had been taken into custody by Federal agents, but officials in Washington did not immediately confirm those accounts.

McVeigh said the Constitution was threatened by gun control and alluded to Randy Weaver, the Idaho white supremacist who was arrested after a siege in which his wife, son and a Federal marshal were killed. If you don't think the Constitution is being perverted, I suggest you open your eyes and take a good look around. Research constitutional rights violated in Weaver, Waco. Also 'Gun Control'.

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Pentagon officials today confirmed that Mr. McVeigh was an infantryman and later a gunner in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle and was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in the Persian Gulf conflict. Some law enforcement officials said that Mr.

Chapter 1 - Oklahoma City

McVeigh's Army service had been a catalyst in his evolution from the adventurous teen-ager from Lockport, N. If Mr. McVeigh's military experiences changed him, there was no hint of it in the sketchy records released today. He completed a leadership development course and was trained as a gunner in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The Pentagon also said that Mr.

Oklahoma City Bombing

McVeigh's arrest on bombing charges. Nichols is being held as a material witness after a weekend search of his house turned up the barrels and about 30 weapons, including a replica of an Uzi machine gun. Nichols was separated from the Army in , about a year after Mr. Lessons Learned from the Oklahoma City bombing are relevant educational experiences.

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