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Courage is when fear is overcome, fought and conquered. It is very similar to fear, as courage requires fear, but fear does not require courage. Someone may feel fear when doing something but not exactly be courageous, unlike how if one is courageous, they have some fear throughout the way. Boo Radley kills someone to protect the children, Jem and Scout, so Heck Tate and Atticus Finch have to decide whether to take him to court, but they feel as if it would be equivalent to killing a mockingbird.

All of the acts of courage were motivated by protecting someone, such as Atticus Finch, Boo Radley, and Tom Robinson protecting other characters throughout the novel. Cunningham had seen sense and decide to make their way home.

How is Bravery Shown in To Kill a Mockingbird?

It was not until they reached home that Scout understood the danger and violence of the evening. She was courageous enough to barge in to a large crowd of people, start a conversation with a member of the crowd she barely knew and give him advise on entailments. All of this was said consciously, but sub-consciously towards the situation. Scout was not the only member of the Finch family to display courage.

Nearly all the characters in this scene besides the mob showed some form of courage. I thought Jem in particular showed the most courage by demonstrating moral courage. Jem stood up to the man he feared enough to return to the Radley place to retrieve his ripped pants. Jem took his step understanding fully what punishment he would be likely to face. He had an idea of what is, or may happen but he still refused to leave. Jem is a boy who has great respect for his father and will obey his father even if he is wrong.

In this scene we see a more matured Jem unlike the Jem that was first introduced to the reader in the beginning of the novel. Not only has he dug up the courage to question his father and his authority but to also imitate him as well. He is showing his father that his words are weightless and will have no affect on him.

Similarly to Jem, Atticus displays courage. Atticus demonstrates physical courage by representing Tom Robinson at the jail house. Atticus recognised what he was about to face, and just like Jem, he stuck to his belief. In my opinion I believe that Atticus and Jem both had a lot of strength within them to make that challenging decision and stick by it even if they had some doubts. Atticus was unarmed at this moment in time unlike the mob who each had a weapon of their own.

Alone Atticus faced a crowd of well over 20 men and tried to reason with them knowing he could be harmed or injured at any time. Underwood also showed a reasonable amount of courage. Although he was seated in the shadows of the jailhouse while the mob arrived, he sat there acquainted to the idea that the situation may get uncomfortable or unpleasant. It may not seem like much, but just like Atticus, he too was putting his life on the line.

Overall I thought the person that displayed the most courage was Atticus, Jem and Scout. The family have been through many tough, difficult and challenging times and I believe that it is their courage that got them this far. I also believe that there are different ways in which courage can advance in and be expressed.

For example Ms. Although her views are similar to those of Atticus she does not display them so rationally. She does not tend to be very open about her view and she keeps them to herself. She shows courage by, not so much standing up to her beliefs and opinion, but she has the courage to think differently than the rest of her society and in rare cases act on them. Whilst others would deny their personal thoughts and views and proceed with the crowd. She displays courage by standing by the children when everyone else practically bombards the children with questions.

At this point she stands by the children to show them that her relationship with the children is the same as before and that nothing has changes between them.

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This is a form of courage because there may be many controversial issues surrounding and regarding her actions, but she still presses on to what she believes in. She also demonstrated courage when she approached the burning of her house in s calm manner and had a very positive feeling towards the whole situation Another character who I think expressed courage and bravery is Arthur Boo Radley.

It took a lot of courage for him to come out of hiding after being indoors for so many years. This is because he hardly ever came out, and to come out and expose himself to everyone in society after so many years must have been quite difficult. He came out of hiding to rescue the children when they were attacked by Robert Ewell.

Whether or not Dolphus Raymond shows any courage can be discussed and is a two sided issue. This is because although he was brave enough to disregard his societies values and have a family with a Negro women he does not posses the courage to admit that he did so intentionally. Instead he blames it on the fact that he is an alcoholic who is living with the mistake he made whilst being drunk.

He uses this as an excuse to justify his actions. Robert Ewell does not maintain any courage of any type or form.

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  5. This is because he was neither brave enough or strong enough to procure revenge on Atticus. The man who had exposed the reality of the Ewell residents to the whole of Maycomb. Instead he attacked two innocent and helpless children in the dark. Ewell or any member of his family in any manner. I would sum up Mr. Ewell as a poor father who takes advantage of his role and neglects his children and deprives them of the love they really deserve, and is not capable to take care of his children or himself.

    I thought Mrs. Dubose definitely displayed a large amount of courage as she was willing to fight a battle which she was unlikely to win but came out as a winner at the end. Tom Robinson represented a great deal of courage.

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    He went on trial for a crime he had not committed and spoke the truth even though he would be called a liar. He entered the court knowing he did not have a chance to win. He pleaded his innocence and put his word against a white mans. This takes a lot of strength to do so, because at this time racism was extremely high and no Negro would ever deny such a charge in font of a dominant white society. He could have admitted the crime and be sentenced, but he was brave enough to try, similar to Mrs.

    I thought that Scout was also extremely courageous because she restricted herself from fighting and got labelled as a coward. Unlike Jem, Scout had not yet reached the level where she was able to determine the requirements of a sensible action. Fighting being a natural reaction for Scout especially when it comes down to defending her family members and pride, just like it would be for anyone who valued their family.

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    She did this because her father had asked her not to fight despite what the children at school said about him. This not only indicates her level of courage, but also her respect for her father.

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    In conclusion to this essay I have determined that some of the characters in this book display courage, but they are often unnoticed, whilst others shine through and they are prised highly. In our society, many people believe that courage is shown solely through physical acts of peril. Our community acclaims those people who put their lives at risk through grave danger to prove there courage, but people often overlook courage isn t always shown through strength. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, numerous amounts of characters show their courage in ways that do not necessarily require physical abilities, but are mental.