Two different types of thesis statements

The paragraphs in the body of your essay must connect with each other as well as with your thesis statement. Moving from a Topic to a Thesis - York University.

General Inquiries: Thesis Statements Many papers you write require developing a thesis statement. Make sure it connects to key concepts you are learning in the course. Limiting the topic to one specific group of people, to one time period, to one geographical location, to one specific character, to only the problem or to only the solution.

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Any number of these limiting factors can be combined to make the thesis specific. Feasible : You need to have enough material to fully support the thesis you have chosen. Insightful : Have a point to make that is worth making. Your main point or central idea should not be so obvious that most readers will already know what you are going to discuss or explain in the paper.

Thesis Statements

Instructors do not want to read through points that are already common knowledge. Significant : It needs to be about what the audience instructor or maybe classmates will take seriously or care about. Be suitable to the assignment instructions. Identify a scope that is feasible considering the length of paper assigned. A question Instructors do not want you to raise questions in your thesis; they want you to provide answers. Instructors especially do not want to see rhetorical questions questions that either have no answer or have implied answers and are made only to argue a point, not to provide insightful analysis that leads to answers.

Statements of fact that need no further support or proof. A detailed list of everything that you will try to include in the paper. Just as there are different kinds of essays so are there thesis statements. We have three categories of essays: expository, analytical and argumentative.

The thesis statement will take the form of the essay. However, certain pieces cannot be categorized into either of the three, but still, the approach to writing the thesis statement is the same. The following are some types of thesis statements:.

What is THESIS STATEMENT? What does THESIS STATEMENT mean? THESIS STATEMENT meaning & explanation

A persuasive thesis statement is a compelling thesis statement, which can also be termed as being argumentative, strives to show your readers an accurate claim which you back with evidence. For a majority of essays, be they policy, compare and contrast , narrative or argumentative, the thesis statement is often persuasive. It is so because your piece gives an opinion or claim and an explanation on why. The goal of the essay is to show readers why swimming is an excellent form of exercise.

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Expository or informative essays have an informative kind of thesis statement. An analytical paper is more focused on research. It breakdowns issues or ideas, giving a more detailed explanation and evaluation to your audience. An analysis of global warming effects and the challenges facing a reduction of greenhouse gases emission. The paper will give an analysis of the effects of global warming and the challenges facing those trying to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which is among the leading causes of global warming.

Coming up with a thesis statement is a process that requires much thought.

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You cannot have a thesis statement just by reading the essay topic. Before settling on a particular line of thinking or argument, you need to have evidence to back it up. Therefore, you will need to collect the necessary information, identify existing relationships if there are any, and see the significance of the information that forms the basis of your argument.

A thesis statement is not too general but rather narrowed down such that it leads to a particular line of thinking. You will also be keen to limit your thesis statement to what can be accomplished within the essay. Being general will make your essay not have much relevant or important information. Being specific allows a writer to give valuable information. Originality is a key issue when it comes to writing.

For students, it can negatively impact on their academic performance and in some cases get them suspended from school.

What is a Thesis Statement?

A strong thesis statement is one that you develop on your own. A good thesis statement is one that avoids the use of formula statements and generic arguments. Your thesis statement needs to be clear such that anyone reading your paper can quickly see it. You need to avoid any misunderstandings, which implies that you cannot assume that your reader will automatically understand your sentence.

This means that if there are any words that need defining, ensure that you do so. Therefore, be very clear avoiding any vagueness while stating your thesis statement. A thesis statement as defined, is an opinion or stance that you will be taking. Give your readers a reason to read your paper!

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Place your thesis statement at the beginning of your paper. Not specifically in the first paragraph, it could be in the second paragraph of your article if you are writing a long paper. Importantly, let it be evident such that anyone reading your paper can clearly see your argument. Placing it at the beginning of your paper gives it a sense of direction.

A formula statement is an option to use while developing your thesis statement. Hint 3: If your paper entails answering a question, then turn your question to an assertion and validate your arguments. Hint 4: Developing a thesis statement is a thinking process that takes time. After thoroughly understanding the subject of your essay, list down the most important point and eventually what you have is an organizational plan, which shows you what the thesis statement can be. A thesis statement is a crucial part of your paper, and therefore it is very important that you get it right.

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A good thesis statement gives your paper a sense of direction that will not only make it easy for you to write it but also a blueprint for your readers. To write a good thesis statement, it is vital that you have a thorough understanding of certain aspects that include the subject of your essay, what a thesis statement is and the different types.