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Parent involvement, just as adolescent employment, not been emphasized in previous studies of high school dropouts. Nonetheless, both are circumstances that effect whether a student will graduate from high school. The results of the data revealed various answers that can be interpreted to understand the correlation between the climbing rate of high school dropouts and what will make this rate decrease.

The survey showed how many people knew a high school dropout personally and why that individual did not attain a high school degree. There were several surveys that reflected little or no knowledge about programs and intervention for high school dropouts. This disclosed information that answered questions as to why the rate is so high and why the rate has yet to be decreased. Some of the data from the survey can be compared with statistics from other researchers.

The results show that there is a lack of knowledge and awareness about the crisis that is occurring within the United States education system. In addition, there is a message that is conveyed through the data that has been collected. The message being conveyed is that there is not a sufficient amount of information being provided because there has still not been a decrease in the number of high school dropouts.

Likewise, there were many results that coincided with one another. There was little or no effect on the student if they were raised in a single parent home. However, if the student was raised in a single parent home and in a tumultuous environment, the student had more of a tendency to drop out of school. There were various factors that motivated a student to graduate from high school. Those factors included family, self-motivation, engagement in extracurricular activities, and school staff such as teachers, administrators, and coaches. There was also an abundance of feedback that showed a majority of the dropouts were dramatically affected by.

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The dropouts either found it difficult to obtain a job or they still are having difficulties in doing so. There were a few responses that showed that some of the dropouts came from good environments. These outcomes imply that there can be some chaos within a good environment. The environment as a whole may not be chaotic.

However, the household which the student lives within may be in disarray.

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Some of the surveys showed that there were several students who dropped out between sophomore and junior year of high school. There were also answers that had a connection between a disorderly environment and the tendency to drop out of school. For the most part, these answers were linked together. The rate of high school dropouts continues to increase with the research that has been done. There is no specific answer as to why this crisis is occurring and will persist to worsen if drastic measures are not taken. This national crisis continues to worsen because there is not a single answer to decreasing the rate.

The challenge of increasing the graduation rate is difficult because increasing the graduation consists of many components. There are several steps to accomplishing the completion of high school. A student must pass certain tests and must pass the required curriculum before attaining a high school degree. Therefore, the programs to keep students in school must essentially be compatible with each student because the reasons for dropping out of school differ from student to student. In addition, high school graduation rates have not significantly decreased since These challenges become more difficult when the national reform efforts push for higher academic standards.

This problem calls for more effort because the students will not have the skills they need after graduating from high school.

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It is a process that must be stopped before it can stop. Allowing a student to become disinterested in school is a process that should not begin because it will be more of a task to end.

There have been a number of programs created to decrease the rate of drop outs. The programs assist at-risk youth, students who did not perform well in school, and programs to prevent students from dropping out. Recently, the Obama administration has been focusing on high school dropouts. President Obama has brought it to the attention of the nation that there is a national crisis.

The Obama administration is taking the necessary steps to reduce the number of dropouts. Another program is Gateway to College. This program is a high school dropout recovery program. This program helps dropouts between the ages of 16 and 21 to earn a high school diploma. Some states have risen the dropout age to If a student is not 18, they are not permitted to dropout before 18 without parental consent. Several states have risen the age to However, some states still have the age to dropout at 17 and some states remain at 16 years old.

However, the lower the age, the worse the crisis will become.

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Raising the age to dropout will decrease the rate of dropouts. Even though the education system is facing several challenges today, there is one major challenge that has been reported in most of the training institutes. It is the fact that most students are not ready to complete their education and thus they drop out before even graduating from high school. Several reasons and causes have come up that are believed to have contributed towards students dropping out of school. As we all know that there is no action without consequences, there are several observable effects that do not only affect the dropouts per se, but the society at large.

Thus, this paper is aimed to look at the causes and effects of dropping out of high school, why students decide to drop out of school and how this decision affects their lives and the society at large. As I have already mentioned that there are several reasons that are associated with the high rates of students dropping out of school today, some of commonly known include poor parenting, peer pressure, life style, social background and parental misguidance among others Randall and Anderson Poor parenting has been considered to be the greatest challenge that causes students to drop out. For instance, students that come from divorced parents, single parents and abusive parents are more likely to leave school before graduating than those that come from socially secure families.

Poorly parented students may also leave school so they can raise some money to provide for their families. Peer pressure is also another factor that causes students drop out of school. Most students in the same age brackets tend to have several things in common and will try as much as they can to share ideas, both good and bad. Some of the bad ideas that are forcibly put on by peers include use of drug and violence. Young people who do drugs perform poorly in school.

At the same time, drug use is prohibited in most schools world wide, thus students who engage in substance abuse are therefore automatically kicked out of school Randall and Anderson. Violence such as bullying and fights have made students become less interested in school and when this is not well-addressed in school, then the affected students tend to drift away and finally drop out. Another factor is life style. As life style changes with time, most students have the mentality that they are better accepted in the society when they drive expensive cars, dressed in superior clothes and display some ostentatious lives Haley Thus those students whose parents are incapable of meeting such standards feel misplaced and can not stand this agony, particularly when they study with well off students in the long run they drop out of school.

Social background and parental misguidance are also factors widely known to contribute to the increased number of school dropouts. Social background and parental guidance matter a great deal in determining whether a student will complete a certain education level or not. For instance, parents who dropped out of school are likely to bring up school dropouts compared to parents who had completed school. At the same time, dropout parents do not experience the urgency and importance of education thus they do not value it, thus do not put emphasis on the importance of education to their children.

Meanwhile, parental misguidance is also becoming a contributing factor towards dropping out of school. The students who are underprivileged and come from poor families tend to drop out of school. While the high school dropout rates have declined over the past decade, the facts that influence this phenomenon continue to be consistent. There are multiple reasons for why students would drop out of high school. Verstraete 1. Today, we have dropped to 22 among 27 industrialized nations TBF, These astronomically large numbers are why I chose this topic. Public schooling is in crisis, and more and more people are opting to go to private schools or be homeschooled.

Even through all of. This means that 30 percent of the class of , or 1. This paper will discuss these factors, the statistics and history of teen pregnancy. The problem was the amount of students who dropped out previous years before. The site goes on to show the main reasons why high schoolers drop out of. Other times it can just be the consequences of bad parenting. Some people are just looking for a way to get a job and support their child.