Review of literature on occupational stress and job satisfaction

I use it as it privilege to thank to those people who are associated as well as working in the south Indian healthcare sector. I am more than obliged to Mr. Jeayaram S, Doctoral Student, Telecom Ecole de Management, Paris, for being my constant source of encouragement and also keeping me motivated throughout the course of dissertation. I would like to express my heartful thanks to my Parents and friends without their support, Encouragement and suggestion this project will not become successful.

Stress in the Workplace

I express my heart full thanks all staff and employees who helped me to do the project work in Apollo Hospitals in May, I express my sincere thanks to all the persons who kindly responded to my survey. Table No Title Page No 5. Figure No Title Page No 5. The nature of the job has gone through extreme changes over the last decade and it is still changing rapidly.

Healthcare sector is one among the growing sector in India and the employees working here are highly stressed. Stress is a major factor in bringing down the satisfaction level of employees. The objective of this research is to study the factors that lead to job related stressand to study its impact on Job Satisfaction. I would like to analyze the primary and unique factors that lead to Job related stress and which diminishes Job satisfaction in employees working in the health care sector of the respective states in South India.

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Over the past several decades, research has been growing to understand just how much individual stress is correlated with the work environment, and what the impacts are on our physiological and psychological health There is no doubt that the competi- tion for opportunities in the working population is high as economy struggles through many reorganizations, rightsizings, and downsizings. These events combined with other psychosocial environmental conditions can contribute to a great deal of stress for the working population.

Stress is leading in frequency health problem regarding the occupa- tional environment. Job stress is considered to be a worldwide problem and increasing steadily in India where the Healthcare Sector industry is growing rapidly. Employees face sheer volume of work which results in overwhelming at times. Employees in Healthcare Sector industries are directly targeted by stress which decreases the productivity at their workplace greatly. Job stress drastically increases the absenteeism level of employees which downgrades the job per- formance in the organization.

Poor salary packages, long working hours, mistreatment of supervisors with employees, are the major causes of creating stress among employees. Stress is a condition of strain that has a direct bearing on emotions, thought process and physical conditions of a person. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive feelings about his or her job, while a person with a low level holds negative feelings. Furthermore employee job satisfaction is also reduced and makes them to leave the ob.

Absenteeism seems to be a behavior that organizations can never eliminate, but they can rather control and manage it and the factor behind absenteeism is job stress. Job stress is an unavoidable consequence of modern living. This research focuses on job stress and job satisfaction and categorizes the employees in Healthcare Sector. Hence employees will be able to overcome the job stress in the organization and the peers and supervisors of the organization will focus on employees to solve their problems and issues which lead to job stress.

This perspective states that satisfaction is determined by certain characteristics of the job and characteristics of the job environment itself.

Job Stress and Burnout Among Correctional Officers: A Literature Review

Job satisfaction represents a combination of positive or negative feelings that workers have towards their work. Job satisfaction may serve as a good indicator of employee effectiveness. High levels of job satisfaction may be sign of a good emotional and mental state of employees. Several studies have tried to determine the link between stress and job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction and job stress are the two hot focuses in human resource management researches. The stress itself will be affected by number of stressors. Workload and professional uncertainty affects employee job satisfaction negatively. Nanjundeswaraswamy and D.

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Informants mentioned that such poor connection among colleagues creates a stressful working environment Loo-See Beh; In order to build a healthy relationship and to reduce misunderstanding among nurses, informants seek to have common interests with colleagues and regularly communicate to each other in the workplace. There is positive relationship between workload and employee satisfaction and there is positive relationship between physical environment and employee satisfaction.

Muttie ur Rehman, Rabbia Irum, Namra Tahi, Zara Ijaz, Uzma;, Noor and Ume Salma stated that "The economic condition of the country people most important in the determination of satisfaction that why in developing countries satisfaction result shows the positive relationship with stress. Those who work in a profession that is extremely demanding and sometimes unpredictable can be susceptible to feelings of uncertainty and reduced job satisfaction.

Job satisfaction of public health workers is also an essential part of ensuring high quality care in the programs they are employed in. We envisage to share the results of this study with the relevant authorities in the study area as well as with the provincial health departments to interpret the same in their own context and act upon accordingly.

The message to the policy makers will not only point towards the actions to be taken but it will attempt to sensitize them on the subject of satisfaction of the public health workforce and its implications. Dupre, K. Factors involving the supportive management of personnel i. According to Shubhendu S. You can adapt to stressful situations and regain your sense of control by changing your expectations and attitude. There are four strategies: Reframe problems, look at the big picture, Adjust your standards and Focus on the positive. The Organization: Career structure, Career uncer- tainties, Inadequacy of resources and staff, Lack of senior support, Culture and climate of the organization.

Irfana Baba; The Doctor - Personality, High demands on self and others, Dealing with death and dying, Confrontation with emotional and physical suffering Work-life balance - Stress over sill from work to home and vice-versa, Lack of exercise and other leisure activities, lack of free time, Home demands, Disruptions to social life. The study conducted to identify sources of stress in healthcare personnel of each Opinion showed that the prime sources of stress were underpayment, excessive work- load, inadequate staff, and being involved in the emotional distress of patients.

Dola Saha, Rajesh Kumar Sinha and Kankshi Bhavsar;, has been found that a proper workload management policy, adequate delegation of authority along with responsibility, recognition of efforts along with ongoing training, stress and time management will go a long way in managing stress in these personnel. Stress management is the need of the hour. However, Harish Shukla and Ms.

Employees are also given career counseling which helps in reducing their ambiguities with regard to career; Find a fun way to release stress, such as, cracking jokes, playing tennis, golf, etc. Turn your focus outwards. Help others. This will release some stress. Chitra and Dr. Guidance and Counseling must be provided to the employees. Stress may have an impact on service productivity and hence it must be managed and controlled by the organization which transforms employees as "A best service provider" 6 C O PYR IG H T According to Mohsin Altaf; , Mostly people left their job because of salary, unfair reward system, work load etc.

Occupational Stress and Turnover Intention: Implications for Nursing Management

These factors create the job stress at work place and which is ultimately a great hurdle in the path of career satisfaction. From the research and questionnaire survey, they are also concluded that if these factors are being removed there will be an opportunity for career growth.

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While conducting the questionnaire survey the respondents were hesitant to reveal the information because of their job insecurity. The research done by Ommen, et al.

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As well, their investigation revealed that workload and professional experience are key factors underlying job satisfaction. It is desirable that colleagues in the health care system exhibit certain qualities, among them trust, mutual understanding, common goals, and ethical values. Job satisfaction of healthcare workers is also an essential part of ensuring high quality care. Our analysis results show that role ambiguity and physical environment are negatively related to job satisfaction. Also, a friendly working environment for employees should be provided by improving facilities.

These strategies would lead to higher job satisfaction. Closer relationships among employees may result in more social support at work. As the results of this study indicate, employ- ees job satisfaction may improve if they have support from supervisor or coworker. With pervasive reforms and changes in public organization, job stress among employees is getting worse Korunka et al.

Public organizations should embrace recent studies calling for attention to job stress and cope with employeesjob stress actively. Syed Aktharsha and H. Tseng; , studied job stress and job satisfaction in primary school teachers of Kasung city and has found that job stress in teachers of primary school is at a medium level and also job satisfaction in the teacher of primary school of Kasung city is also at medium level and mental adaptation of them is higher than satisfaction. Also a positive relationship has been observed between job commitment and job satisfaction.

But man- agers also need to focus on the importance of locally assessing conditions and managing incentives to ensure health workers are motivated in their work. The researchers can only report that has happened, and what is happening. Interview : 8 people who are working as well as associated with Southindian Healthcare.