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Oxbridge universities are considered to be amongst the best universities in the world, but applying to an Oxbridge university can be an extremely competitive process. The Oxbridge Service will maximise your chances of making a successful application to one of the UK's top universities or business schools.

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We will discuss your academic ambitions and decide if you are eligible to apply. This preliminary consultation is free of charge. We will professionally complete your application forms, review your essays and assist in selecting your best work to ensure admissions officers are impressed. Your personal statement is crucial in determining whether an interview will be secured. We will review and edit your personal statement, ensuring it stands out from other applicants.

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What subject you want to study and what sort of person you are make a big difference to which college you should apply to. By getting to know you - and already knowing the colleges - we can make the perfect match for your future. Oxbridge interviews are famously difficult, but our mock interviews will familiarise you with the setting and questions which can be expected. After the interview is complete we will give you detailed feedback on your performance.

SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. Their consultants are specialists, working closely with all UK universities and, through my consultants' advice and application assistance, I was able to receive offers from my favoured universities. Close Enquire Now About Us. The whole interview was very unprofessional from his side and at the end of the interview he asked me for my feedback: I just mentioned that he should switch off his phone the next time, Feedback should always be anonymous as practiced by professional institutions.

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Prior to sending my application through I discussed it thoroughly with a Cass application consultant and he highly recommended for me to apply. During the interview the very first question I was asked was whether I have funds to cover the tuition followed by a series of arguments against my application.

He followed that all of their applicants are either accountants, lawyers or business owners! After this experience I came to the conclusion this place is a money machine organization charging people for each application, encouraging them to apply, progressing them to the interview stage only to put them down or try to fill their own business gaps. Even their office look like a banking office, completely soulless.

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It doesn't give you an impression that you are actually entering a university. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, and won't be investing K40 there for sure. Do you offer a bachelors of arts degree instead of a BScs in economics. I mean with not much mathematics. My recommendation to any-one thinking about an MBA is visit the campus sit in the dining area and talk to people.

If it's good they will say so, if not!!!! There is too much competition and too few students and you just may not be told the entire truth. This is just another many issues with UK. As a Cass graduate, I would highly recommend the program to professionals looking to expand their skill set and boost their career to the next level.

I chose Cass for the broadly diversity of the MBA cohort and faculty, as well as the one year time frame, which ensured minimal time out of the workforce. Though it has a reputation as a school for finance people, don't let that scare you off.

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I had no financial background and yet found the finance courses challenging but quite manageable; overall they may have been my favorite courses. But Cass really shines as a well-balanced business education institution. There's equal emphasis on general management, corporate strategy, finance and marketing courses. Add to that MBA cohorts from all types of backgrounds and careers, and there's a chance for everyone to learn not only from faculty but from each other.

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Long story short - Good school, great program, some of the best and most talented people I've had the pleasure to meet and work with. Highly recommend. Want more from The Economist? Which MBA? Follow Which MBA? Rankings Cost Application Facilities Faculty Programme Students Recruiters Accreditation Rank out of Open new career opportunities 30 Diversity of recruiters 1 Percentage who received a job offer within three months of graduation 74 Percentage who found jobs through the careers service 47 Student assessment of career service 26 Personal development and educational experience 29 Faculty quality 63 Student quality 68 Student diversity 7 Education experience 23 Increase in salary 58 Percentage increase on pre-MBA salary 87 Post-MBA salary 51 Potential to network 17 Breadth of alumni network 28 Internationalism of alumni 8 Student rating of alumni effectiveness