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Because Bud was late, he did give him the signal to make the burgers because that is not they usually do and the boss has no idea how to react. A close up shot was used to let the audience to have a close look at the paint that Mr. Johnson wipe off while he was waiting for Bud. Without telling us what had happen, The director choose to let us see the result of Bud being late and the point that all the people that is living in Pleasantville are all working according to the scrip and they have no idea what they should do when something does not go according to it.

When things start not going according to the scrip, People from Pleasantville do not know how to react.


This is important because if things do not go under the plan, utopian will turn into chaos that something is going to go wrong and the scrip would not. In the Book Giver, Jonas is not allowed to ask any questions before he was assigned to be the receiver. Also Mr. Also the lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons that make the utopian world not the most ideal place to live in.

Firstly in the book, Jonas knows nothing about the community. He goes to school pointlessly, until he is twelfth and gets allocated for a task or assignment. On the other hand, if Jonas was not assigned to be the receiver, he will know nothing about the community and knowledge therefore he will live pointlessly. When Jonas has his first lesson with the previous receiver, he notices something about colour. Then today, just now, outside, it happened with my friend Fiona.

But something about her changed for a second. Her hair looked different. After Jonas went to the giver for a few times, he starts to see something beyond which is colour. The community did not teach Jonas or other people about colour because they are afraid that discrimination would happen between them.

If people start to see colour, discrimination might occur and that will spread all over the community which make it not prefect anymore.


The community can not change the genetic code within the human body, so there is difference between everybody. By not teaching or telling their citizen about colour, they will not notice the odds. Which will keep the utopian world functioning. The lack of knowledge makes the utopian world not an ideal place to live in because the community choose what to teach their citizen.

And they choose it because it will make their work easier. Furthermore in Pleasantville, Mary Sue taught her mother about sex which apparently her mother knows nothing about sex and relaxing.

Archetypes in Pleasantville

Mary told her mother about sex when she got home. Her mother was listening with a lot of curiosity. Mary Sue told her mother about sex and how to relax.

Esoteric Cinematic Theory - Pleasantville Analysis and Case Study

They choose what they should know about instead of putting their destination on other people else. Those two texts both taught us about that knowledge is not a thing that everyone can choose to know about in a utopian world. Moreover, they did not stand a chance to choose what they want to know because they know nothing besides what the community had taught them which makes this utopian world not the most ideal place to live in.

Finally the lack of privacy also makes the utopian world not the most ideal state to live in.

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Doors is just a furniture or to make the house more dissent instead keeping people out who wants to come in before Jonas are assigned to the receiver, no doors use to have lock. When Jonas first arrived his working place with the present receiver, his assistant need to unlock the door to let Jonas In which is a very new thing to Jonas. She Smiled, pushed a button, and he heard a click that unlock the door on her left. Then she seemed to notice his discomfort and to realize its origin.

‘Pleasantville’s Themes of Repression Remain Potent 20 Years Later

No doors in the community were locked, ever. None that Jonas knew about. Doors are meant to keep the people living in the house safe and keep the strangers outside and have their own privacy. Moreover, as Jonas was thinking, No doors in the community were locked, every. None of that he knew of.

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  7. Which means the citizen living in that community are already used to the environment without privacies. The point of privacy is that people can keep what they are doing to themselves or to have secretes. Because it is a utopian world, no one have secretes or privacy. No one has something to hide from the community.

    Prometheus and David both wanted to make men more knowledgeable by teaching and introducing them to new things. A biblical example, which also can be interpreted as symbolism, is the story of Adam and Eve. Symbolism, something concrete standing for something abstract, is used throughout the movie Pleasantville.


    One example of symbolism in the movie is also part of the turning point as well. After Jen teaches her boyfriend about sex, a rose changes color from black and white to red. This can symbolize many things, such as a new beginning, change, and loss of virginity. Color, the main idea of the movie, symbolizes a few different things. Change in Pleasantville originates from David and his sister Jen.

    Often the people gain new knowledge or feel new emotions to change to vibrant colors. An example is when David stands up to the bully and when Jen enjoys a book. There are many things that symbolize change throughout the movie Pleasantville. Some examples are the first rain and lightning storm, first sight of color, and the tree burning. The color changing also represents individualism because they do something different from most of the still black and white people. Analogy is a likeness between things in some circumstances or effects, when the things are otherwise entirely different.

    In both The Trueman Show and the Matrix there is an un and a real world. In The Trueman Show the unreal world is made to be perfect just like that of Pleasantville, where the weather is nice and sunny every day. In real world, though, there is much dysfunction and you can never count on the weather.

    Pleasantville Film Analysis Essay - Words | Bartleby

    Also both of the movies unreal worlds follow a drawn out and continues routine, which in the end is totally destroyed. Pleasantville can also be compared with To Kill a Mocking Bird. The scene from both movies is the courtroom, the blacks are separated from the colors and the minority group is in most cases treated worse than the other. So in both cases the colored people were on the top floor of the courtroom where it would be more uncomfortable and hot. Magic realism is evident in both The Matrix and Pleasantville. In both these movies the characters do things that defy realism while the movie is still based in the real world.

    The movies do not go as far as making it into a fantasy world they try and give the viewer a sense that what happens to the characters might have a chance of happening in the world today. In the Matrix the characters can travel in and out of the real and unreal world. When they are in the unreal world, though it supposed to be much the same as the real, they can perform physically impossible feats and do things that could never be done in reality.