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Indian cultural norms have their unique ways of protecting privacy. Fallacious adjective Meaning: based on a mistaken belief. Synonyms: erroneous, false, untrue, wrong, incorrect, faulty, flawed, inaccurate, inexact, imprecise, mistaken, misinformed, misguided, misleading, deceptive, delusive, delusory, illusory. Antonyms: true, correct. Example: The argument that government access to our personal information is justified because Facebook has it anyway is fallacious. Neither entity should have unrestricted access to this information. Governments are currently far more powerful than Facebook, with their control of the police, the army and other instruments of force, which is why human rights protect us from government power.

Eerie adjective Meaning: strange and frightening. Synonyms: uncanny, sinister, ghostly, spectral, unnatural, unearthly, preternatural, supernatural, other-worldly, unreal, mysterious, strange, abnormal, odd, curious, queer, weird, bizarre, Antonyms: normal, reassuring Example: Future judges will be confronted with the Internet of Things, big data, bio-hacking, algorithms and potentially even artificial intelligence, and a country in which a citizen is monitored down to her heartbeat. Technology is already able to predict our moods, political leanings, retail preferences, relationships and medical condition with eerie efficiency.

Render verb Meaning: provide or give a service, help, etc. Synonyms: give, provide, supply, furnish, make available, contribute, make. Cripple verb Meaning: cause someone to become unable to walk or move properly. Synonyms: disable, paralyse, immobilize, make lame, lame, incapacitate, debilitate.

Delineation noun Meaning: the action of describing or portraying something precisely. Synonyms: portrayal, description, presentation, depiction, representation, picture, portrait.

Omnibus noun Meaning: a volume containing several books previously published separately, comprising several items. Example: This is an omnibus term that can encompass many meanings — including innovation, technology flows, as well as the give and take of knowledge in the cyber sector and its human- resource, professional component. The H-1B visa issue did not come up for specific mention in these public statements, but obviously remains on the agenda.

Siege noun Meaning: a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies, with the aim of compelling those inside to surrender. Synonyms: blockade, beleaguerment, encirclement; Example: The city of Marawi in the south of the Philippines has been engulfed by a deadly, ongoing siege since late May, when government forces began to take on heavily armed militants linked to the Islamic State. Local media estimate the death toll to be above Over , residents have fled what has effectively become an urban battlefield. If you want to know how these words are pronounced, listen to the recording below.

You can also do the pronunciation exercise as often as possible in order to obtain long-lasting results. Fantastic job! Hard work pays off.

2. How are News Media Developing and Using Audience Data and Metrics?

Try to use the words you have just learned in real life situations too. Question 1 : There is a word in the list below that was not in the Media and Journalism Vocabulary worksheet. What is it? Look at the vocabulary below and pick out five words you would love to use in a conversation or in an essay.

Quiz: would you make a better newspaper editor than George Osborne?

What sentences could you make from those five special words? You can now listen to the pronunciation of all the words in the Different types of Journalism worksheet by clicking on the link below:. Well done! You can also try to memorise the words and see which ones you remember the most.

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The picture below contains different Adjectives that you can use to describe newspapers. Pick out at least five words that you can also find in the previous worksheets. You can also define the words you do not know with the help of a dictionary. Knowing the pronunciation of those words is equally important too. When you have finished, you can try to make 10 sentences with some of the vocabulary.

Sorry, the lesson is getting tougher but we know you will make it! Here are our own 10 sentences for inspiration. You can make your sentences longer if you wish. Afterwards, you can do the following Words Search that you already downloaded at the beginning of the lesson. This exercise is optional, i.

Know your newspaper terminology!

What do they mean? This is the last step of this Media and Journalism vocabulary lesson.

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  5. We are going to look at the different words you can use to describe the news you hear or read every day. Which words do you recognise or know? Are there any words you do not understand? Use a dictionary to help you define these words. What are the words you would readily use in an essay? Choose at least Example of a paragraph in which we used all the 16 words above:. In any case, writing such material is ridiculous and unethical.

    You can now try to write the same type of paragraph. Observe how the sentences have been linked together. It would also be great if you could avoid repeating words for a more successful outcome. Keep practising until you are satisfied with your writing. Once you have finished all the steps, you can reward yourself with your favourite treat. There were many things you had to do in this Media and Journalism vocabulary lesson so you really deserve to pamper yourself!

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