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They believe that the Internet is unprecedented, and any regulation should be treated very carefully.

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The first widespread call for Internet censorship came in , when an anti- pornography group helped introduce a bill called The Protection of Children from Computer Pornography Act of Although the bill failed, it was an important point. One year later, the same group helped author the CDA, which became a part of the Telecommunications Act of During this precendent setting case, one of the biggest problems came with each individual judge had their own analogies for the Internet, which were not all accurate.

The Internet, as Michael Landier suggests, can fit into our current set of laws with no problem. Many existing pornography laws have been used to prosecute Internet cases. New laws would be unenforceable, as they would only apply in the U.

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He suggests that Internet publishers should be treated like print publishers, who are protected under the First Amendment. ISP's would then be treated only as carriers of data, like telephone companies, and therefore not responsible for anything they carry. The only regulation, in the author's opinion, should come from the users.

Parents can stop their children from visiting certain sights by using several programs, including Net Nanny and Cybersitter. Many proponents of censorship even support these voluntary efforts. I was intrigued by the idea of treating the Internet like print media.

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