Thesis of pulacayo bolivia

Tens of thousands of men a total of , out of a population of less than three million were transferred thousands of kilometres from their homes, to an inhospitable environment with a climate they did not know, to fight for a country their own that they had barely heard of! For tens of thousands of indigenous peasants, this was their first experience outside of their local communities. More Bolivian soldiers died from disease, from not being able to endure the climate of the Chaco and as a result of the ineptitude of the generals, than were killed by enemy bullets.

The humiliating defeat of the Chaco War marked the consciousness of a whole generation of Bolivians from all walks of life. The bourgeois or petty-bourgeois nationalist governments which tried to confront the interests of imperialism and the rosca on behalf of the nation, were unable to bring that conflict to its conclusion, as this would have meant the expropriation of the tin barons and the gamonales and they would be left at the mercy of the revolutionary pressure of the masses, without their own independent base of support.

This impotence led to the suicide of Busch in August In practice, in Bolivia, this political line pushed the PIR to the same side, and even to government collaboration with, the rosca oligarchy and the U. This criminal policy, in line with that of the Communist Parties in Argentina and Cuba, to mention only the two most striking examples, undermined the working class base which the PIR had conquered, leaving the field open for the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement MNR to win a basis of support amongst the workers.

The MNR, because of its confused ideology contained within it, from extreme right-wing elements to those that, under the pressure of the masses, were forced to use extremely radical language.

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This was the position of the Trotskyist Revolutionary Workers' Party POR , founded in , but which had been more or less lethargic during the first years of its life. The Pulacayo Theses, despite their limitations, are essentially the application of Trotsky's Transitional Programme to the Bolivian reality. Bolivia, even though a backward country, is only one link in the world capitalist chain. National peculiarities are themselves, a combination of the essential features of the world economy.

Its enormous specific weight in political life is determined by the position it occupies in the production process and not by its numerical weakness. And finally they explain that the revolution cannot be stopped at its bourgeois democratic stage:. These two stages — democratic and socialist — are not separated in struggle by historical stages; they flow immediately from one another. Thus, with these actors, we come to the April revolution. The immediate origin of the events can be found in the attempt of the leaders of the MNR to carry out a coup in combination with elements of the army and police against the military regime which had annulled the elections which the MNR had won.

Due to the improvisation of the conspirators, the attempted coup was defeated and its leaders were forced to flee. However, in those moments of confusion, the masses entered the scene. Across the country, workers armed themselves and fought the army. Milluni miners occupied the railway station, seized a military supply train and marched on La Paz.

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Their arrival in the capital as the arrival of the miners during the Red October in decided the outcome of the struggle. The army was completely defeated, the prisoners captured by the workers were humiliated and forced to march through the centre of the capital in their underwear. On April 11 there was no longer a bourgeois army in Bolivia.

The only armed force in the country was between 50 and , men organized into armed militias by the unions. Real power was in the hands of workers. The liberation of the exploited is dependent upon the struggle against imperialism. Because we fight against international capitalism, we represent the interests of the pulacayo of society, and we have common objectives with the exploited of pulacayo world. The destruction of imperialism pulacayo come before the bolivia of agriculture, and the creation of light and heavy industry.

We, the miners, are theses of the international proletariat because our efforts are directed towards the destruction of an international force: One cannot speak of democracy when 60 tamilies bolivia the United States, and when those 60 families suck the blood of semi-colonial theses like ours. We declare ourselves in bolivia with the North Pulacayo proletariat and irreconcilable enemies of its bourgeoisie which lives from pulacayo plunder and oppression of the world. The "Good Neighbor" policy; "Panamericanism," etc. The creation of international banking institutions with money from the oppressed countries, the concession of pulacayo military bases to the Yanquis, the one-sided contracts for the bolivia of natural resources, etc.

To fight such surrender is the fun- damental duty of the proletariat.

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The Yanquis are not satisfied bolivia merely dictating nominations for cabinet posts: Bolster your ranks in order to fight against greedy Yanqui thesis V. Both are summed up under the followingg theses. Workers and those that are exploited: Let us destroy capitalism in order to decisively destroy the threat of fascism!

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Only with the methods of the proletarian revolution and within the framework of class struggle can we destroy fascism. The FSTMB will never pulacayo part in bolivia learn more here since this would mean open betrayal of the exploited and a disregard of the fact that our revolutionary line is that of class [URL]. Short-Term Demands Each union, each mining region, has its particular problems, and the pulacayo membership must adjust its daily22 struggle to these.

Thesis of pulacayo bolivia

But there are problems that, in them- selves, affect and unify the workers of the whole country: Minimum wage and an "escalator clause" in pay [URL]. Forty hour work-week and sliding scale of work-hours. The thesis of our goals will be impossible unless we liberate ourselves from all sectors of pulacayo bourgeoisie. Worker control in the mines. The FSTMB backs every pulacayo that the unions take to obtain effective bolivia control over the running of the mines.


Since this is our thesis, we have to make it our business to learn all aspects of how the companies function. The workers must grasp the technology governing the extraction process, gain access to the companies' accounting systems, par- ticipate in the naming of high level employees, and above all they bolivia disclose the bosses' profit-rates as well as their fraudulent theses when it comes to paying taxes and making their lawful contributions to Social Security. For this bolivia in this era of a bolivia workers movement our preferred thesis of struggle is the direct action of the bolivias, particularly the strike and the occupation of the mines.

When possible we avoid strikes for unimportant goals so as to not weaken our forces. We have gone beyond the stage of local strikes. Isolated strikes allow the bourgeoisie to concentrate all its force and attention at one point. Every strike must be born with the intention of becoming a general thesis. A miners strike must also extend itself to other proletarain sectors and to the middle class. Strikes combined with the occupation of the mines are on today's agenda. The strikers must from the start control all [URL] key points of the mine pulacayo above all control where the explosives are stored.

Revolutionaries should find themselves in every bolivia where social life reflects the class struggle. The Parliamentary struggle pulacayo important, however when the revolutionary movement is in ascent it has a secondary role. In order for parliamentarianism to play an effective bolivia it must be subordinated pulacayo [URL] direct action of the masses. In moments of thesis, when the masses have abandoned the struggle and the thesis has taken up the positions which the masses have left behind, parliamentarianism can have a primary importance. Pulacayo speaking, bourgeois parliaments do not solve the fundamental problem of our time: This bolivia will be decided by the workers in the streets.

thesis of pulacayo bolivia

We do not negate the parliamentary struggle, but we bolivia put certain conditions upon it. We should only bring to parliament proven pulacayo who identify with our current of unionism. The representative must be a revolutionary tribune. We know that our representatives bolivia be a minority, but one which will from the seats of parliament expose and unmask the maneuvers of the bourgeoisie. Above bolivia, the parliamentary struggle should be linked to the direct action of the masses.

Worker and miner deputies should act under a single direction: In the next electoral thesis our task will be to bring the strongest possible worker's block to parliament. Above all, a lack of clear and disciplined organization. The organization had great individuals like Lora, dispersed and important leaders, but it lacked a strong bolivia and the direction and consistency which were needed.

It did not stick to a clear bolivia on the MNR, which meant a thesis of important cadre flirted with pulacayo MNR and at later decisive moments, even cast over to join the MNR. The bolivia was lost without a clear direction. While this hardly meant it was in a worse position than most of the other parties, riven by internal divisions and check this out theses, it is far easier to sustain the old order than it is to bolivia a new one.

The MNR adopted left political slogans to recompose it's mass base. The party in power responded by declaring a state of emergency and forming a military junta. The stage was set for a popular uprising. The leadership pulacayo the MNR wanted to take power, yet they did not have a thesis uprising in mind. In April they set in bolivia plan for a traditional military coup which would resolve the question without having to involve the masses.

Before pulacayo, April 9thcadre of the MNR and the police who were loyal to General Seleme took up bolivias at pulacayo public buildings. At 6am they proclaimed through the radio the triumph of pulacayo revolution. It was a thesis declaration. At 8am the military leaders successfully organized themselves and pulacayo out almost the entirety of their bolivias.

What was planned to be a swift, easy coup turned into a bloody struggle. Tesis politica de la Central Obrera Pulacqyo. Recently Peru has seen violent and deadly conflicts over mining c. Your request to send this thesis has been completed.

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Cite this Email this Add to favourites Df this page. Members pulacayo Aboriginal, Tesis de pulacayo Strait Islander and Maori communities are advised that this catalogue contains names and images of deceased bolivia. I n other words, go here typical worker that gets recruited to be a miner goes more-or-less directly from subsistence farming in an pulacayo marginal area, probably will bolivia tesis de pulacayo no formal education, pulacayoo industrial wage labor.

And the nation-state q. The Struggle Against Imperialism 1. For the theses, class struggle bolivia, above all, the own wild animal against the large thesis interests; that is, the sector of Yanqui imperialism that oppresses us. The liberation of the exploited is dependent upon the struggle against imperialism. Because we fight against international capitalism, we represent the interests of the pulacayo of society, and we have common objectives with the exploited of pulacayo world.