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During this time, he began writing, acting, and producing for a small London theater, bu eventually deferred to family tradition and became a teacher. In , Golding joined the Royal Navy and served on a cruiser. Eventually he became a lieutenant, ending his career in command of a rocket launching craft. During his naval career, Golding saw action against battleships, submarines, and aircraft.

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He was present at the sinking of the Bismarck and took his rocket-launching craft to Normandy for the D-Day invasion. Some of his reviews and essays were published, but he found no publisher for the novels he had written. In spite of this, Golding persisted. He concluded that since he would probably never be published, he would simply write for his own satisfaction. One night after reading a bedtime story to his children, he spoke with his wife about his true desire, to write a book about what people are really like.

The result was Lord of the Flies , published in when Golding was Later, the novel found and retained an influential audience and eventually became a favorite of college students, rivaled only by J. Thereafter, he became a full-time writer. In , Golding received the Nobel Prize for Literature. Of his works in general, he was quoted as saying,. In all books I have suggested a shape in the universe that may, as it were, account for things.

The greatest pleasure is…just understanding. His Nobel lecture discusses various topics and focuses not only on writers, their creations, and the impact that writing has on humanity, but also the mutual responsibility we have for the Earth. He ruminates on the interplay between pessimism which people assume he has based on the dark focus of his works and optimism, which he challenges us to embrace and recognize in the power of the written word.

Golding says,. Words may, through the devotion, the skill, the passion, and the luck of writers prove to be the most powerful thing in the world. They may move men to speak to each other because some of those words somewhere express not just what the writer is thinking but what a huge segment of the world is thinking. They may allow man to speak to man, the man in the street to speak to his fellow until a ripple becomes a tide running through every nation — of commonsense, of simple healthy caution, a tide that rulers and negotiators cannot ignore so that nation does truly speak unto nation.

It may be by books, stories, poetry, lectures we who have the ear of mankind can move man a little nearer the perilous safety of a warless and provident world. In the year before his death in , Golding reflected with melancholy on the body of his literary career. Comparing his few works to other writers whose works number in the hundreds, Golding said,. The list makes me more aware of wasted time, the years the locusts have eaten, than of achievement. Of course when the tourist if he can gets inside the stone circle he will find things much different, and I hope against hope that the same thing can be said of my books.

People remain trapped inside themselves, too self-absorbed to look at the world around them. Only if people are able to see themselves as part of the whole, not as islands, will they find salvation.

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Humans must somehow find a way to connect with outer reality. In so doing, individuals can willfully choose to suppress the savagery beneath their humanity. As part of our continuing study of poetry, you will be keeping a journal of annotated poems and your commentary.

Completing the journal tasks will help you with your facility and understanding of poetry as a genre and should aid in your reading and writing about poetry in preparation for both class assignments and the AP exam. Each chapter of Sound and Sense is structured in the same way. The opening part of the chapter contains an explanation of the aspect of poetry being studied, with a small number of poems to illustrate the aspect usually A number of poems are included after the explanation for additional study.

These are delineated in the table of contents by a line separating the parts of the chapter. You will be preparing three journal entries for each chapter. Each entry should be assembled in the journal the same way. On a right-hand page, tape or glue a copy of the poem. I suggest you search for the poem and print a copy rather than hand-copying, especially if the poem is lengthy.

Be sure to leave some space around the poem for annotation. Annotation methods vary from student to student, but the goal of any method should be increased depth of thinking about the poem. Instructions on both may also be found here. On the corresponding left-hand page, you will be completing a task. This task will differ depending on which section of the chapter you are working with.

AP Synthesis Essay: Planning and Pre-writing

Complete your annotation. On the left-hand page, answer the questions provided in the chapter for your selected poem. Annotate the poem carefully. List any appropriate notes you need, drawing conclusions about overall patterns rather than listing all details, and create a two-step thesis as directed. On the left-hand side, write a thoughtful reaction to the poem. What do you notice about it? What makes it interesting? What overall impression do you have about what this poem is trying to communicate?

Refer to specific quotations in the poem where appropriate.

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Your careful journal work will help you with poetry analysis and writing questions in both the multiple choice and free response sections of the AP exam. Try to vary the types and styles of poems you select; think about period, form, style, etc. We will be focusing on a chapter in Sound and Sense about every two weeks. Please label all pages of your journal entry with the chapter number for reference.

The AP Language and Composition Portfolio of Allie Berends

You should bring your copy of Sound and Sense and your prepared journal to class that day for checkoff. Because your paper should be limited to two pages, choose your evidence carefully. Remember, you are not expected to comment on every aspect of your selected story. A symbol!

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On to the next paragraph…. The ultimate objective is to write a joint paper about the story which uses specific examples from the selected text to answer an AP-style prompt. You and your partner should confer to select ONE story from your assigned group. Arthur C. Ursula K. You can discuss strong characterization, the success of the use of dialogue, diction and syntax choices that reveal tone, how symbols in the story convey meaning—your choices are open. Your discussion and analysis will be used to select a prompt for your final word paper, which will be due this Friday. Prompts will be made available tomorrow.

Are we actually reading all these books? Do we read the whole book of each selection?

How many books do we read this year? Do you do in class group readings? Will we be reading more modern or older books?