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The Orkney environment presented identifiable constraints to Neolithic lifeways. Isbister chambered cairn produced the largest assemblage of human remains from any single British Neolithic site. This was examined alongside other Neolithic collections to discover evidence for, and develop models of Neolithic life. The demographic structure indicates that twice as many adult males were deposited as females. Few young infants were in the assemblage but disproportionately many older children and young adults.

Stable light isotope analysis suggested age and sex-related dietary differences with a predominantly terrestrial protein source. Pathological conditions included scurvy, multiple myeloma and osteoarthritis. Trauma and non-specific lesions were common and affected all age and sex groups. Conservation and seismic strengthening of architectural heritage: Byzantine churches of the ninth to fourteenth century in Macedonia.

Housing policy and design: the role of housing policy and its effect on design in Japan and Britain. Factors contributing to the preservation of mammalian remains in peat bogs: an archaeological perspective. Should the funding of archaeological research be the responsibility of the state or of those private developers who destroy the data? NGO's, place and the cultural politics of development in Nairobi: constructing strategies in contingent conditions.

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Landscape and social practice: the production and consumption of pottery in tenth century Lincolnshire. Royal Buddhist architecture of the early Bangkok period investigations in symbolic planning. The comparative analysis of late 18th and 19th century ceramics: A trans-Atlantic perspective. Twentieth-century earthen buildings of Sardinia: archaeometry and conservation. Britain and western Scandinavia in the Vendel Period, c.

Victorian restoration of Anglican churches in the Diocese of Chester, and its implications for current conservation practice.

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From Frozen Monuments to Fluid Landscapes - The conservation of ancient monuments from the nineteenth century to the present. Sanderson Miller : landscape designs and buildings in the landscape. Inside the garden envelope: assessing the interface of nature and culture in the New World, Consumption and identity in Essex and Hertfordshire c. Shall We Abide Here?

Site selection criteria of the Eastern Settlement of Norse Greenland. Application of amino acid racemization in enamel to the estimation of age at death of archaeological remains.

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The archaeology of monasticism: society, landscape and politics in Late Antique Syria. Power, patronage and identity: the social use of local churches and commemoration in 10th to 13th century North Yorkshire.

Time, trade and identity: bone and antler combs in Northern Britain c AD An investigation of the common cockle Cerastoderma edule L. Wood and weathering and the West: a deterioration study of five wood species used in ranch buildings built between and in the Llano Estacado region South-western United States. Decline, Collapse, or Transformation? Hadrian's Wall in the 4th-5th Centuries AD. Landscape, monuments and the construction of social power in early medieval Deira. Culture heritage management policy by the European Union: reconciling diversity and inclusivity? The evidence for standardisation within the archaeological and historical records of the Baltic Viking Age: implications for our understanding of trade and exchange. Archaeology of destruction: a reinterpretation of castle slightings in the English Civil War.

An investigation of the visibility of Mesolithic and Neolithic coastal sites in North-West Europe; focusing on Scotland and how sea-level change effects archaeological understanding. Hunter-gatherers on the move: A study of dwellings in southern Scandinavia, Norway, Britain and Ireland. The Viking settlement landscapes of Jurby, Isle of Man. People and the environment: A geoarchaeological approach to the Yorkshire Wolds landscape.

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From pollen to people: The interaction between people and their environment in the mid-to-high altitudes of the Southern French Alps. Modern Visions of a Gendered Past: interpreting gender in cross-cultural archaeology. Geochronology of coastal prehistoric environments: a new closed system approach using amino acid racemisation. Determinants of symphyseal form in the catarrhine mandible: models of biomechanical and spatial requirements during ontogeny. Infusion cuisine: a study of the value of foods in a pottery context across the transition to agriculture in the southern Balkans.

Fur-bearing species: a zooarchaeological meta-analysis of their use across three regions in Britain. Integrating biomolecular and zooarchaeological approaches to the construction of mortality profiles for archaeological cattle. Managing religious heritage : competing discourses of hertitage and conflicts in cultural heritage management a case study of Lamphun, Northern Thailand.

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