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The Great Circus Parade. These are just a few of the exciting entertainment events that one can enjoy in the great city of. Free Essays Must Be Free! False Homecomings In The Odyssey Term paper While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements.

The majority of the Odyssey is an account of Odysseus adventures or, rather, misadventures trying to reach his homeland of Ithaka.

Several of these adventures are false homecomings, the most prominent of which is his imprisonment on Kalypso s island. This false homecoming is strikingly different from what one would expect of Odysseus real homecoming, but similar enough for parallels to be drawn between the two. Homer uses this false homecoming to foreshadow Odysseus true homecoming.

Throughout the Odyssey, Homer presents the reader with certain clues about what Odysseus feels his homecoming should but not neccessarily will be like. First of all, Odysseus wants to return to Ithaka.

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Take a look at our suggestions by ThesisRush :. Try to describe what role gods have in life? What differences can you find when you compare that to the book. You can tell your opinion when it comes to both cases and sum it up. You can refer to the book but also compare to real life and tell about the importance of family for you and your life. Discuss the female characters in the story and try to analyze their roles and what influence they have.

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Talk about this important theme of the book and about how the characters get what they deserve at the end. How does it influence the whole story and the characters. Try to explain it in your own words. Find some examples. You can analyze Odysseus and his characteristics. By examining this work closely, we can see how the Greeks saw themselves. Eventually, he returns home to Ithaca, after ten years of war.

Need essay sample on. Many perse facets of Greek life and culture are reflected from the text. One very important aspect is the importance of gods, goddesses and pinity.

Throughout the story the gods help the characters, or show their wrath for them. Odysseus is bright, intellectual, and rational. He thinks before he acts, which is makes him admirable and competent. He does not react to anything spontaneously, and thinks before saying or doing anything. This is clearly evident in many instances in the text. He uses tricks and wit to escape from risky situations.

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Odysseus seems to be a perfect blend - he is a good athlete, and has a sharp witty mind. It is Odysseus who employs his strategies which result in the victory of Greece and the fall of Troy. Many critics and scholars agree that this was indeed, unconventional, considering the time The Odyssey is set in. All that was important was war, honor, valor and courage.

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Defeat was humiliation. Humiliation was disgrace. His hero was not just a warrior.

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He was a man with a mind that could reason. But Odysseus does have his weaknesses. And the greatest of those was his conceit. Like many of the male characters of Greek literature, he too has his egotistical pride. Apart from mental capability, another theme that occurs often is that of loyalty. Physical strength and manhood were also equally important, with strength deciding who was better, and who was not. Eating, drinking, dancing and singing were recreational activities everyone indulged in. But what was most important and fore-most in Greek life and culture was religion.

Amply obvious in the text, the pine were given most importance and respect. Fate and future lied in the hands of the Olympian gods. People made countless sacrifices to different gods to earn their goodwill and support.