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Now, it is not necessary to go to nature again because to follow the classical artist is to go to the nature. So, sources of art are society and ancient artists. Pope claims that artists possess genius whereas critics possess taste classical taste developed by classical artist. By taking the ideas of classical artists, a critic has to judge the text.

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He should not be over ambitious and over imaginative but critics can go beyond their intention. Artist has to undergo practice, learning and experiences.

Which are equally important to critics too. So, critic must not be proud.

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To be good critic, one should have courage, modesty and honesty. New Critics would usually pay relatively little attention to the historical setting of the works which they analysed, treating literature as a sphere of activity of its own. In the work of F. Leavis the close analysis of texts became a moral activity, in which a critic would bring the whole of his sensibility to bear on a literary text and test its sincerity and moral seriousness. Practical criticism today is more usually treated as an ancillary skill rather than the foundation of a critical method. It is a part of many examinations in literature at almost all levels, and is used to test students' responsiveness to what they read, as well as their knowledge of verse forms and of the technical language for describing the way poems create their effects.

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Practical criticism in this form has no necessary connection with any particular theoretical approach, and has shed the psychological theories which originally underpinned it. The discipline does, however, have some ground rules which affect how people who are trained in it will respond to literature. It might be seen as encouraging readings which concentrate on the form and meaning of particular works, rather than on larger theoretical questions.

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  • alexander pope essay criticism sparknotes.
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  • The process of reading a poem in clinical isolation from historical processes also can mean that literature is treated as a sphere of activity which is separate from economic or social conditions, or from the life of its author. The classes which follow this introduction are designed to introduce you to some of the methods and vocabulary of practical criticism, and to give some practical advice about how you can move from formal analysis of a poem and of its meaning to a full critical reading of it. They are accompanied by a glossary of critical terms , to which you can refer if you want to know what any of the technical terms used in the classes mean.

    Above all, however, the classes are intended to raise questions about how practical criticism can be used.

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