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You just spent the last week studying for your test or writing your essay. Before you do anything, take a deep breath. Everyone gets bad grades sometimes. When you get a bad grade it can feel natural to freak out, but before you do anything, read this guide about what to do when trying to get over a bad grade. When you get your paper or test back and see the bad grade on it, your first reaction may be to instantly rip up the paper and toss it into a fire.

Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Try to center yourself. If you start freaking out, then it will make you feel worse about the grade you got rather than accepting it.

Take a few hours or days to understand the grade you got. You may need to put it in the back of your notebook and watch a movie to take your mind off of it or try to focus on other schoolwork you may have. Did you give an answer but forget to explain how you arrived there? For free response questions, did you write the minimum number of required words or sentences? If it was a math problem you got wrong, was your answer in the right format fraction, decimal, percentage, etc. Making sense of certain mistakes can be as easy as rereading the directions.

In other cases, there may be a different reason you earned a low score. Many times, you will immediately know why: you ran out of time, did not study much, or were tired when you took the test. Need Money to Pay for College? Easy Scholarship to Apply. I am now 21 years old.

I have only now realised what I want to do, but of course with my grades I can only study for a certificate. What do I need to do to? I am willing to work hard as I can to make a difference — I believe I can! Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we are not familiar enough with the South African system to advise you. If a kid repeats one of the GT classes where he has B over summer in community college to improve his GPA, will that be considered by colleges or it is of no use.

Also, would taking more AP classes junior year and getting a good grade, will impress colleges or the poor performance in sophomore ,Freshman year weighs in a lot. If he had a D or F, that would be a totally different story. You just need to encourage your student to work hard during his junior year. Hi Dee, I definitely would go ahead and apply to Penn State.

What do you have to lose? Of course, you also should apply to other schools where you have a better chance of admission. Regardless of where you apply, you should explain in your application why your grades are the way they are. Also, make sure you do the best you possibly can this semester and next year. Hello, I am currently a junior in high school and will be a senior in a few months. I even did great my sophmore year with only one B. HP stands for high-performance, and AP is technically a college course.

But the reason for my poor performancewould be not completing all the homework and not knowing all the material for the tests. I feel when I signed up for the harder level courses, I overestimated my abilities. My senior year, I will be in one AP course and the rest will be regular.

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Or should I consider other options like a community college, military, or working for a few years? I only do one sport outside of school, but enjoy it thoroughIy. I would like to go to college, because I know it will help my get a career that pays good money, so I can live decently, etc. My parents father especially have always been empasizing how important a college education is. Sorry for the lengthy letter, but I do appreciate you taking the time to read it.

So, thank you. And anybody with any information or knowledge, feel free to comment. Hi Shannon, It sounds like you got in over your head in your junior year and took courses that may have been more challenging than what you were prepared for. Your plan to take a less rigorous course load in your senior year is a good one.

Do Good Grades Matter?

If you do well, this will show prospective colleges that you understood that you overreached during your junior year and that you are still a serious student whom they should consider. You can most certainly get into a two-year or four-year college with lower grades on your transcript, however, depending upon your individual situation and your interests, community college, the military, or working for a few years could also be the right option.

I have a GPA of 2. I have been out of school for quite sometime. I am Dear Catherine, Thanks for your inquiry.

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Please give us a ring or send us an email through our contact page, and I can explain the steps to help you achieve your goal. The task will not be easy, but it can be done.

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Failure Grades Essay Example

Good luck to you, and I hope to hear from you soon. Sir, I have completed my high school in second division as I am looking forward to hear from you. Hello, Celeste. Thanks for writing. You are not doomed. But you are doing the right thing to mitigate its negative effects by doing all you can to pick up the pieces and demonstrate that you were simply not focused on the right things in 9th and 10th grade. You will have to choose your colleges carefully, as some will not be excited to accept you.

However, many will be able to look past your youthful mistakes, especially if you have teachers and counselors who can attest to your turn-around. With regards to your extracurriculars, of course all of these will help, especially as you step up your involvements and your leadership—all the while maintaining your primary focus on your schoolwork.

It is still possible to get admitted to an American university and get a visa.

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Admission comes first, of course. You will will want to do well on the TOEFL exam, and you will want to take the SAT exams to provide more evidence that your school results are not a measure of your abilities. We work with many students with non-traditional backgrounds to find suitable placements, including international students like you. Please let me know if you think we can be of service. I am 46 years old, and I received my high school diploma in Skip forward 28 years, and I have had to pass work related tests, and have maintained a high performance rating in my field. How important are those grades from 28 years ago, going to be?

Would I be better off taking a General Equivalency exam, and submitting that, instead of my horrible transcripts from high school? He wants to go, really bad because he wants a career. Can you tell me what he can do far as getting into college? Can he go to a good college or is it a no go? Daja, There is always hope in the United States. This is the land of second chances. My recommendation, however, is to bear in mind that college is also very expensive.

Failure Grades Essay

Then, because of statewide higher education articulation agreements, you will be able to transfer your good! No one cares where you start college: they only care where you graduate. So starting out at community college can be your best bet.