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Head above water weighing: A valid method to measure body fat storage?


Improving learning center usage verification processes using Six Sigma , Latricia C. Hylton Open Access Dissertation. The programmatic manipulation of planar diagram codes to find an upper bound on the bridge index of prime knots , Genevieve R. Johnson Open Access Thesis. Smartphone based ubiquitous sensing platform leveraging audio jack for power and communication , Ranjana Joshi Open Access Dissertation. Using blended learning to improve undergraduate introduction to literature courses: A mixed methods approach , Julie Leigh Klein Open Access Dissertation.

Certified nonprofit professionals early career decisions and college student loan debt , Kristina Elizabeth-Ann Kofoot Open Access Thesis. Comparison of forward lean during Bulgarian split squat at high and low box heights , Craig Konrardy Open Access Thesis.

2015 University of Waterloo- Three Minute Thesis (3MT) coaching session

Gender differences in cognitive dissonance reduction strategies for partner's physical attractiveness , Lijing Ma Open Access Thesis. Perceptions of transgender populations: An educational module to increase knowledge and reduce negative attitudes , Dacia Kay Oberhelman Open Access Thesis. Factors influencing wood turtle Glyptemys insculpta home range size in Iowa: A comparison between suburban and rural populations , Joshua Gregory Otten Open Access Thesis. The effects of metolachlor exposure on the THP-1 alveolar monocyte and macrophage function , Jared S.

Parmater Open Access Thesis. Gender differences associated with combat-related and military sexual assault-related post-traumatic stress disorder , Marjorie Perkins Thesis UNI Access Only. Sick of deviants: How the behavioral immune system may impact responses to violated norms , Neal G. Pollock Open Access Thesis. Effects of lumbopelvic stabilization program in young, non-elite, community-based gymnasts , Miranda Katherine Pomije Open Access Thesis.

Robbins Open Access Thesis. The impact of content knowledge, specialized content knowledge, peer analysis and self-analysis on pre-service physical education teachers' error detection abilities , Debra S. Sazama Open Access Dissertation. Impact of teacher scientist partnerships on high school students' perceptions of science , Kevin John Schneider Open Access Thesis.

Is Iowa making the grade? A case study analyzing the traits, programs, actions, and beliefs necessary to overcome the correlative relationship between high free and reduced lunch rates and low standardized test scores , John Speer Open Access Dissertation. Student affairs approaches to religion and spirituality in U.

Stafford Open Access Thesis. Anthropocentrism, the other face of patriarchy: an investigation into patriarchal attitudes and perceptions of non-human nature , Alexis St. Claire Open Access Thesis. A master's recital in voice , Haley L. Steele Open Access Thesis. Career development and trajectories: Women in senior-level management positions in nonprofit organizations and government agencies , Jennifer Diane Stevens Open Access Thesis. Master's recital in jazz pedagogy: A demonstration of proficiency on rhythm section instruments, compositions, and arrangements by Sam Stranz , Sam Stranz Open Access Thesis.

Psychoeducational module to promote knowledge and reduce stigma towards recreational marijuana users , Stephanie J.

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Strong Open Access Thesis Award. The effects of Adlerian play therapy on adopted children's externalizing behaviors: A single case design , Sunnycho S. A qualitative comparison of general chemistry and advanced placement chemistry students' misconceptions regarding solution chemistry , Megan J.

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Vandersee Open Access Thesis. Local health departments in Iowa: Are they keeping up with the shift from communicable to chronic disease?

Whitaker Open Access Dissertation. Preservice special education teachers' perceptions of their knowledge and skills of augmentative and alternative communication , Rashed A. Using one-to-one computing for differentiated instruction in Iowa: An investigation of the impact of teachers' perceptions of teaching and learning , Jodi A. Bermel Open Access Dissertation. Differences in landing impulses between the traditional and swing blocking style in volleyball , Jana Geertruida Braakhuis Open Access Thesis.

Evaluating the ability of a synthetic model knee to mimic varying degrees of anterior cruciate ligament integrity , Megan P.


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The effect of participating on service trips on community engagement and student development , Kristofer M. Czerwiec Open Access Thesis. Female athletes' perceptions towards alcohol and performance: a psychological approach , Stephanie Dalmacio Open Access Thesis. Duke Open Access Thesis. Examining aided input intervention in a classroom setting for children labeled with significant disabilities , Jennifer L.

Flores Open Access Dissertation. Analyzing winter migration fidelity and movement of the wild Taimyr reindeer herd, Rangifer T. Francis Open Access Thesis. An investigation of prosocial and health risk behaviors as predictors of academic motivation , Tess Garceau Open Access Thesis.

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A follow-up of patient reported outcomes in chronic plantar heel pain participants treated with Graston Technique: A mixed methods approach , Troy Richard Garrett Open Access Dissertation. A qualitative study of the perceptions of public school teachers and administrators on the teachers' association and the collective bargaining process in an Iowa urban school setting , Eric J.

Gjerde Open Access Dissertation. Promoting bullying prevention and intervention through forgiveness education , Amy Gregory Open Access Thesis.

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Master's recital in jazz pedagogy: A performance-demonstration of rhythm section instruments, compositions and arrangements by Josh Hakanson , Josh Hakanson Open Access Thesis. Self-management of cognitive load in children: Exploring effective strategies by manipulating informational text , Marcus J. Hora Open Access Thesis.

Lingual pressure generation in relation to saliva and water swallowing in healthy young adults , Anna Joerger Open Access Thesis. Unions in Waterloo, Iowa: How organization, political activism, and community outreach led to the rise and fall of organized labor, , Dylan Christian Krauter Keller Open Access Thesis.

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An examination of the perceptions of the IEP process as a team plans for the potential reintegration of a student from an alternative setting to the resident district , Sarah J. Knudsen Open Access Dissertation. Campus recreation and its impact on grade point average and retention rates , Kristina M. The effect of intermittent pneumatic compression on the management of pain associated with delayed onset muscle soreness , Ashley Kay Lindahl Open Access Thesis.

The effects of control threat on women's acceptance of benevolent sexism and traditional gender roles , Zheng Li Open Access Thesis. From soprano to barking dog : John Cage, the avant garde, and the counterculture, , Heather M. McAlpine Open Access Thesis.

A master's recital in piano , Kathleen A.