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Given the immediacy of the needs of the country, Roosevelt committed to neutrality and let the war overseas be dealt with by Europe. Rather than being a safe harbor to the many Jews of Eastern and Western Europe who were being persecuted by the evils of the Nazis, the United States turned a blind eye to these horrors. Similarly , when the U. There was discussion of perhaps bombing Auschwitz-Birkenau but ultimately decided against that. While this bombing would have killed innocent victims of the camps, it also would have drastically slowed down the killing machine that had long been in progress.

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One of the most telling aspects of the fallibility of youthful decision-making and appraisal is demonstrated when Gatsby tells Nick the story of how he met Daisy. This reveals that Gatsby was aware of the fact that his uniform as a soldier allowed him to essentially misrepresent himself to a certain extent. It allowed him to present himself to Daisy in a way that made him appear as one who is not burdened by a stationing of class. Consequently , this allowed her to make the assumption that they were of the same economic origins.

This was an assumption Gatsby did not correct. Had Gatsby been wiser, he would have known that it is better to select a partner that one does not need to reinvent oneself around. In sum , this commitment to and investment in falseness was the springboard for the tragedy that was his life. Perhaps one of the primary goals of the Puritans could be summarized in one word: survival. The most unfortunate aspect of their situation was that they could not control their own survival.

They had to cultivate their own resolve and resourcefulness, as so much of their survival depended on the land and on luck. Religion gave them a sense of overall guidance in forging this new community within this new land, as well as a belief system that offered the comfort.

Significantly , this was particularly true for the Puritans as they were not a community of individualists, but a community of community-minded people. Often entire congregations, led by their ministers, left England and settled together in the new land. They organized their settlements into towns, with their meeting house or the church at the center of town.

This allowed the Puritans to constantly reframe the narrative of their own lives into some palatable and less tragic. Regardless of the awful circumstances or unexpected tragedy that occurred, they were able to view everything as positive and perhaps a reason to continue on. All things considered , the Holocaust was the worst genocide that the modern world has ever seen. A tremendous reason for this was because it was allowed to occur systematically over a period of years, starting with the subjugation of Jews in Europe as Hitler rose to power, to the mass extermination of Jews in the camps.

America had turned a willful blind eye to all that was happening around the world and consequently enabled these atrocities through their own passivity. If we forget that humans are capable of such ugliness and terror we are doomed to repeat these evils. In cessation , it is a natural part of human nature to seek out a distraction when circumstances are dire.

One can clearly see this in the tendency of modern society to use the television, Internet, and social media as a means of distracting oneself from problems, anxieties and challenges. On the other hand , the Puritans have demonstrated that there are times when distractions such as belief systems can act as buffers between us and the harshness of our realities. The Puritans had such a powerful and dominant belief system, one that was enforced by this collective consciousness that it enabled them to both escape their reality, and process the events of their reality in a manner that would ensure their own survival.

This was no small service that religion provided as often the severity of their circumstances in the new world warranted such mental cushioning.

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Religion was such an effective tool for the Puritans that they opted to incorporate it into their legal system. Accordingly , one can still trace many beliefs, traditions, stereotypes, biases, and mindsets to the Puritan roots of America.

This might sound counterintuitive, but it actually serves a valuable purpose. It gives you a heads up about the most common errors that students make with transitions to help ensure that you do not make them. Consider the clunkiness of the following paragraph, devoid of transition words:. Edward Hopper was an American painter who is most famous for the painting Nighthawks. Many have speculated as to why the painting has resonated with so many people, coming up with the three main reasons.

It shows the loneliness inherent within a big city. It shows the loneliness inherent in human existence in the middle of the night. It suggests the fleeting comfort of modern conveniences. Given these circumstances , many have speculated as to why the painting has resonated with so many people, coming up with the three main reasons. First , it shows the loneliness inherent within a big city. Secondly , it shows the loneliness inherent in human existence in the middle of the night.

Finally , it suggests the fleeting comfort of modern conveniences. As you can clearly see, using transitions helps to elevate your writing by creating bridges between your ideas. This gives your reader cue that are easier to follow, demonstrating which direction your argument is pointed. In conclusion , when one is successful, it means lots of time flying around the world, away from family and friends. However , when one is successful, it means lots of time flying around the world, away from family and friends. Using transitions in the wrong places shows how they can easily derail your writing.

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This will undermine your points and confuse your reader. Make sure your transitions are adding the correct meaning to your work.

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Thus, transition words are so much more than basic linking vocabulary. They create a smooth path for your reader to tread as they acquaint themselves with your thesis , description or arguments.

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Using transitions with intelligence can easily elevate your writing, making it seem more nuanced and confident. On the other hand, using transitions incorrectly, sloppily or not at all has the effect of jarring the reader and throwing speed bumps onto the highway of your sentences. To describe something that happened, happens, or will happen during a certain time frame, consider using the following transitions:. I mean, do people even send mail anymore? Or do they only communicate through email and messaging?

Meanwhile , his friends were having a blast playing football at the common ground. In other words , the reason why people mine Bitcoin and how they actually do it is complicated. To help your readers grasp an abstract concept, try using the following transitions to provide them with a concrete example:. To highlight a distinct attribute of your idea or thought, consider using the following transitions:.

More specifically , they need to embrace change and prepare for the upcoming trends that will transform their industry in To emphasize a thought or idea you just previously stated, consider using the following transitions:. Experts considered it to be a shiny, new fad that no one was really using. In fact , only six countries in the world had more than one internet user per people that year. To call attention to the consequence of the root cause of something, consider using the following transitions:. To flow from one related topic to another, try referencing the previous topic by using the following transitions:.

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