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Do not waste your time correcting grammar or spelling errors. There are three methods to brainstorm ideas:. Post a Comment. Synonyms: two-handed. Learn how to write an essay by following the step-by-step essay writing guide listed below. This simple essay writing guide helps you to be an effective writer and to write an essay in five steps.

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Create a List This method is simple and effective. All you need to do is to create a list of words and short sentences related to the essay topic chosen. The list goes on and on until you really run out of ideas Draw a Mind Map You can choose from a variety of mind maps to draw.

Then, you should write the points on the mind map. Do not waste your time drawing a complex mind map! A simple mind map will look like this. Using mind map, all your points are grouped together neatly for easy reference. Mind map is highly recommended for reflective essays and factual essays. Ask and Answer Wh-questions Ask yourself as much as possible Wh-questions related to the essay topic chosen.

This writing method is suitable for descriptive essays , narrative essays and reports. How it happens? Why it occurs? What is the brand of the hit-and-run car? Where it happens? Who is the victim?

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Answers to these questions are the points for your essay. After you have finished brainstorming ideas, you can proceed to the next step First and foremost, you have to decide which of the points is suitable for your well-chosen essay topic. Cancel the unsuitable points carefully. Then, number the remaining points according to their importance. The most important point is numbered 1 followed by points numbered 2, 3, Outline Your Essay Outline your essay so that you know exactly what kind of essay you will produce later.

This step also makes sure that you will not be running out of points in the middle of your writing process. Your can plan your essay outline like this: Essay Topic: The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Introduction: Introduces the increasing use of Internet in the modern society. Body: Three paragraphs on the advantages and two paragraphs on the disadvantages of the Internet. Conclusion: Concludes the pros and cons of the Internet depend on the users and their use of the Internet.

Proceed to the next step There are several types of introduction to start your essay: Definition - According to the English dictionary, Internet is a computer system that allows millions of computer users around the world to exchange information… Question - Do you know that the invention of the Internet has revolutionized the business world? What are the pros and cons of the Internet? Everyone needs friends in his life… Body Now you need not worry about running out of points, so you can focus on paragraphing. A good paragraphing is essential for a good essay.

Include only one topic sentence which contains one main idea in one paragraph. Support the topic sentence with some elaborations, examples and further details or information. You should write your essay until you have nothing to write anymore. Be specific in your essay and avoid generalization.

He comes from a humble background where his mother sells nasi lemak for a living. His father has passed on when he was still a baby.

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As a child, Reuben grew up helping his mother care for his other four siblings while his mother works hard to earn a living for five of them. Through his difficult childhood, Reuben acquired a great sense of responsibility that has shaped him to be who he is today.

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He is well known among his friends to be a man of calibre and very responsible in all the tasks he is given. Through the years, the care that he has shown to his siblings also overflows to others.

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  5. People often mention his name with a smile on their faces, remembering his genuine care and concern for the people around him. He always remembers to greet people and makes sure no one feels left out around him. During the camp, 1 remembered how Reuben cared for those who were sick although he was busy with his own tasks. His people skills proved handy during this time.

    More than his outstanding character, he also possesses great debating skills. Besides that, he was also voted as the most cooperative camper at the camp. Every teacher and student just loved him as he would never say no to people who need a helping hand.

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    Most of all, Reuben is an exceptional leader that inspires others. This was perhaps the main reason he was given the award. The best kind of leader is a humble one. He leads by example. During the camp, whenever we go through an activity together, he often does it first and makes sure he tests the activity before we do it ourselves.

    If there is any trouble to go through, he goes through it first. Even during the obstacle course, he had a slight injury on his leg because he was the first to go and the obstacle course was faulty.


    He affirmed that he would not have wanted it any other way. He proved that he is a sacrificial leader. By this example alone, I believe that Reuben truly deserves the honour of being the Best Group Leader.

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    Reuben, we are so happy with your achievement and hope that you continue to inspire others in every way that you can. Contributed by:. Tan Peng Kun. Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life. Examinations - good or bad? My perfect future husband or wife. Write a story ending with:. Now I realise the value of a true friend.

    It is your choice whether to write about someone you know personally, a fictional character or a public figure. The question requires you to describe how the person has worked hard to succeed in life. So, the plot has to begin with a difficult life at the beginning but a happy and successful one in the end. Mother - a successful Senior Scientist - oil palm industry - works in an established company.

    In the past - nothing like that - difficult childhood - small village in Perak - parents - rubber tappers - less than RM a month to support her and two other siblings - life was difficult - for example, a packet of instant noodles - shared among three of them sometimes go hungry. Nevertheless - parents - emphasised education - no matter how hard - never stopped them from going to school -everyone studied hard - want to be successful one day - Mother was the youngest and brightest.

    One day - her father - had a heart attack - passed away - shock to the family - her mother became depressed - did not work for a few months — those were the most difficult months of her life - somehow pulled through - help of neighbours - after that - her mother recovered - worked hard - encouraged the children not to give up - study hard. Now - famous researcher - highly sought after - Mother - inspires me - work hard too. You need to decide whether you agree with the topic - do you think examinations are good or bad?

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    Make sure that you have sufficient points to consolidate your side of the argument and that these points are solid. Remember to provide examples to support your points too. Examinations - like it or not - part of our lives - most people hate examinations - tedious - lots of preparation — I believe that examinations - are good - for many reasons.

    Keep us accountable - hard-working - or else - we often slack - become lazy -complacent - when examinations - a norm — we know our limits - we will have fun - but will make sure - under control - because - remember - examinations will come - keeps our behaviour in check. Stimulate learning - good to have a sincere desire to learn - learn for love of knowledge, not because of examinations - unfortunately - not everyone is like that - most people go to school for the sake of it - existence of examinations - may motivate learning - through learning the person may discover their strengths and what they really love - later - no longer study because of examinations — but because of quest for knowledge - good change.

    Help us to know what is important - in a subject matter - if we only learn - without examination no sense of what is most important in a topic - examinations only test important and useful topics - through the drilling - even if students do not remember everything in the subject -important points will stay - because of what they have studied for their examinations. Examinations are good - set standards, keep us accountable, stimulate learning, help us to know what is important - the fact that ] examinations have never been abolished through the centuries - good enough proof - examinations are good.

    Imagine the perfect husband or wife that you would want to marry. From there, think of qualities or values you would look for in a future spouse. Make your essay interesting by adding some personal examples since this is your personal preference. Looks are not important to me - inner beauty is most important - he has to be a responsible and faithful person - mature enough to head a family - childish person -would not be able to lead a family - make decisions together - may end up having arguments.

    Kind, caring, loves children - I love children - spending time with them - some men really dislike children - impatient - I would not appreciate someone who is impatient with children - because - love children a lot. Similar interests - love writing and reading - do not expect him to love writing - but at least - appreciate what I write - some people dislike reading - reading and writing - so much a part of me - cannot imagine someone who shuns reading or writing.