Essay on indiscipline amongst students

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No notes for slide. HoweverGhana Policy forYouthdefines Youth as persons between years releases in Indiscipline among the youth is a very common cause of dissatisfaction or discontent and frustration for parent, teachers and the nation as well, it becomes a problem when the youth do not heed to orders or requests from elders, the youth of today only want to have their own way. Jive Education under SuccessfulParenting defines Indiscipline as a behavioral disorder that is classified as an act of delinquency.

Indiscipline youth cause a mental and emotional damage to their parents, instances of indiscipline can assume many forms lying, stealing, and playing truant, or running away from home, and drug abuse. Achievements are no longer measured by commitment and capability but influence and material wealth who you know rather than what you measure up to in terms of merit, is what determines promotion. Thus, a student needs not burn the proverbial night candle.

It through this peer groups that the youth can learn drug abuse,which has given birth to not only robbery but also massive violence in the society in their groupings, the youth have learnt to plan evils such as strikes, murdering, and skills for stealing among others.

This is a wrong method and creates indiscipline. The next cause of-indiscipline is the tremendous increase in the number of students without subsequent increase in the number of teachers. It is beyond the power of a teacher to control a class consisting of eighty students. He cannot examine exercises nor can he sort out mischievous students. He is busy in lecturing while students are busy in slipping away. If there is any function in the institution, the same difficult problem is before teachers, they number thirty-six while students are eleven hundred.

Under these circumstances, no individual report of student is possible nor can a teacher maintain close contact with his pupils to remove their grievances if any and to guide them on a proper line. The institutions should maintain a proportionate number of students and teachers and individual attention should be paid to the activities and movements of their students.

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  • But every disease has its own remedy. This indiscipline, too, how-so-ever, gross and terrifying it may be, has its cure. The first step to redress this malady is encouraging association of teachers, guardians and government officers. We know it very well that all the modern weapons fail to control students ; they have no regard for any officer and some-times create ugly scenes. The best way to avert such scenes is to invite teachers in all public functions and give them an honourable place. The next remedy for combating indiscipline is the need of perfect strictness on the part of eminent people in recommending the cases of bogus and notorious students.

    They should first consult the principals about their conduct and then should take any action in the matter. We have seen many students creating a problem for their head and other people of the locality because they are backed by some influential men. Similarly, the strictness on the part of Government officers in curbing down the indisciplined activities of students whosoever they may be, is very essential without which indiscipline cannot be discouraged. In cases of emergency, principals may be empowered to exercise magisterial powers to punish the delinquents.

    The other step in fighting out indiscipline is a close relationship between students. That will give a probe into the heart and activities of youths. Most of the evils of students are due to the fact that no wise or experienced person guides them and so they act wildly and foolishly.

    If they are suggested the pros and cons of any thing, there is no reason why they should not behave in a disciplined way. They are young people full of strong likes and dislikes and always acting with a short-sighted vision.

    Paragraph on Discipline In Student Life -- essay on Discipline In Student Life

    Why do they hero their Vice- chancellors, professors, head of the institutions etc.? Why do they resort to demonstrations and hooliganism again and again? These are some of the very serious and crucial questions and must be addressed and answered with matching concern and seriousness. INDISCIPLINE AMONG THE YOUTH

    The causes of this unrest are not far to seek. There are many factors which have contributed to this dangerous phenomenon. One of the main factors is our out-dated and defective system of education and examination: The prevailing system of education was introduced by the Bruisers with the sole aim of producing clerks and petty bureaucrats to run their administration. The British rulers never wanted to educate the Indians in the real sense of the term.

    They wanted to perpetuate their rule and the slavery of the Indian masses. This system of education does not cater to our national and social needs. Consequently, the students feel cheated, confused, frustrated and express these in the acts of violence and indiscipline. Similarly, the system of examination is rotten to the very core because of its many inherent defects.

    It places too much emphasis and premium on cramming, mechanical memory and elements of chance. It promotes such corrupt practices as copying in the examination, leakage of question papers for ulterior motives and payment of gratification to examiners etc.

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    • It encourages bookish knowledge and speculation. They do not take into consideration their excellence in co-curricular activities, social service or strength of moral character and conduct. The student unrest can also tie attributed to the rampant corruption among teachers and other members of. The teachers are recruited on the basis of their political backing and patronage, and not on the basis of their academic achievements and merits.

      Appointments made on the basis of caste and political patronages have caused havoc in the field of education. In the matter of admission also these, nasty factors of casteism, nepotism, favoritism and bribery are playing their dirty role.