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The author points out that she lives in seclusion without anyone having to visit her. This seclusion can therefore be attributed to her father's death and being left by her partner.

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It can also be associated with the with her pride since the author writes that no single man was best for her. His father also had chased many men away who had tried to seek a hand in marriage to her. Emily portrays her boldness which is a weakness by poisoning Hormer Baron.

This was due to her desire for companionship.

Compare and Contrast “the Flowers” and “a Rose for Emily”

She could not expose her feelings to Hormer because of her pride and hence she ended up killing him. Her pride was displayed in her actions, words and feelings.

A Rose For Emily by William Faulkner

In this story the consequences of pride are seen as heroic isolation which led to bloodthirsty madness. In the chrysanthemums, Elisa Allen is an interesting, intelligent, and passionate woman who lives an unproductive, under inspired life.

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She's disillusioned at every part of her life. Her pride in housekeeping is exaggerated and downhearted.

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She has ample knowledge about plants. Due to frustrations in her life, she looks for Tinker in order to get stimulating conversation and also sex which seems to lack in her life. Her brief flashes of luminosity in tinker's existence shows us the way she is thinking and feeling and how she doesn't know how to express herself. When the existence of physical and mental fulfillment of tinker disappears, her desolation shows her dissatisfaction in her marriage.

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She's so desperate to go beyond the level of being a woman that she seeks a getaway, trying to tease with her husband, asking for wine and dinner with him, and even being interested in fights that even men are not interested in. After Miss Emily, a mainstay of ideals in the public arena, kills her lover, Homer Barron, she lays down with his body for quite a few years, apparently without regret. Additionally, Miss Minnie shows no indications of regret about impelling the bits of gossip which prompted the demise of Will Mayes.

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Miss Emily and Miss Minnie are at the same time upright and unjust; two ladies blameless who cover their transgressions behind a southern code of respect and gallantry. A code dependent on appearance as opposed to truth. An unmarried lady was seen as unadulterated, immaculate, flawless. Be that as it may, this exterior of delicacy disguises an iron-willed quality,. View full version.

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