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Policy Center Oct 17, Policy Center. We have heard from many students and professors that our November 6th deadline for proposal submissions is challenging considering the confines of semester and capstone project scheduling. Our cities are also.

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Policy Center Oct 15, Policy Center. Developed in Canada, the approach emphasizes early intervention through collaborative effort with. Tackling traffic, fixing the T, and saving the planet Innovation economy attempting to take on the challenge. Civic Journal Oct 10, Civic Journal. Business leaders, including Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce chief Jim Rooney, have sounded the alarm that roadway gridlock and a transit system that limps along from one problem to the next are threatening the regional. Fall River entrepreneur brings healthy food and a heap of inspiration to Gateway City neighborhoods Gateways Episode Policy Center Oct 8, Policy Center.

T notes: Red Line ridership slow to recover Mayors launch push for commuter rail pilots. Civic Journal Oct 7, Civic Journal. Data released on Monday indicate Red Line ridership overall was off 5 percent during the summer compared to last year and was down 2. Charts released by. Gateway City leaders speak on opportunity zones Gateways Episode Policy Center Oct 7, Policy Center.

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On this bonus episode of Gateways, we continue the conversation on federal Opportunity Zones legislation. Last episode, our guests broke down what Opportunity Funds can do and pointed out areas where they are failing the highest-need communities in our Commonwealth. Civic Journal Oct 3, Civic Journal. The money is part of a nearly four-year effort by the authority to revitalize downtowns and commercial districts by combining state and crowd-sourced funds. Policy Center Oct 3, Policy Center.

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Are Opportunity Zones sites of misfortune for distressed neighborhoods? Gateways Episode Policy Center Oct 1, Policy Center. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was unveiled in , much of the national attention was trained on the debate between Republicans and Democrats over whether the cuts disproportionately helped the rich. Woven in the tax code, however, a federal initiative known as Opportunity Zones promised to incentivize. Poll: Massachusetts residents support major changes to rail service, restructuring fares Residents see opportunities to expand rail overall, improve the Commuter Rail system, and show interest in Gateway Cities development possibilities this could unlock.

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Three-quarters of residents statewide support moving the commuter rail towards. By introducing high school students to college with structured support and allowing them to earn a substantial number of credits for free, Early Colleges position more low-income youth to move through higher education and into careers that offer good wages and a stable middle-class lifestyle. Coming up Nov 20, Combating A Crisis. Next Gen Learning: Sen Warren discusses opportunities for urban education in the new federal law.

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Community Corrections In Focus. The Phoenix-Bunker Hill Partnership. Investigations into research problems are typically confidential in the United States. Nicholas Steneck, director of the research ethics program at the University of Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research, said there is a strong emphasis here on protecting the privacy and identity of people until a review is concluded.

Other countries might handle investigations differently because they fear for their national scientific standing. Is Harvard worried about losing its reputation as a top research institution in the U. Paul Knoepfler, a stem cell scientist at the University of California Davis School of Medicine who has blogged extensively about the acid-bath study, said he has mixed feelings about how the investigation has unfolded.

The Japanese scientist who led that work is still vouching for the integrity of the finding, despite the errors in the paper.

Boston Marathon bombing: Lessons learned through research

So is the Brigham scientist who oversaw the work, Dr. Charles Vacanti. But the very public investigation and revelation of problems with the paper have led to disclosure of specific flaws, and Japanese scientists have said they are now trying to demonstrate whether the overall finding holds up. Joshua Hare, the guest editor for the retracted paper, said that he found it unusual that he was not alerted by the scientists or the American Heart Association that the paper would be withdrawn.

This field is of fundamental importance to the health of human beings right now. Even co-authors do not know precisely what is wrong. Roberto Bolli at the University of Louisville was the lead author of the Lancet paper that has been flagged as having possible problems with the integrity of data produced in Boston. Carolyn Y. Johnson can be reached at cjohnson globe. Follow her on Twitter carolynyjohnson.