Write a descriptive essay on a journey by train

Sensing danger I collected my purse and rushed to the ticket collector with the news of my discovery. Soon there was an apprehensive crowd around my berth. The conductor and the security guard confirmed the presence of a suspicious object that could be a bomb. The frightened passengers rushed towards the door of the train, to jump out. I caught hold of the alarm chain above my berth and pulled it with all my might. After what seemed an eternity the train came to a halt.

Short Paragraph on A Journey by Train

People trampled over each other to get out of the train, with whatever luggage they could lay their hands on. I somehow also managed to get out. The compartment was soon separated from the train and people ran around searching for their near and dear ones.

I found Mr Fared Ali, the gentleman sitting opposite my berth sobbing. He told me that his grandson was probably in the compartment and pleaded to help retrieve the child. His pleas however fell on deaf ears, as no one was willing to enter the compartment that could blow up any moment.

My shouts were answered by a frail voice calling out for help. I saw him lying on the floor of the compartment below a berth grievously injured.

PROCHAINe soirée jeu

We chose a table, seating ourselves, and ordered for tea and cakes instead of our lunch. Sunlight shinning on us through leaves was not flashing but mild. We stayed there till the night darkened the sky. The clerks there also wore deliberately in black like nuns. They said they were the nuns who studied dairy cakes in a convent and they sold dairy cakes only.

I bought a dairy cake and sent it to my parents as a Christmas gift, though the shop was really strange as well as the clerks there. After that we took a taxi to Train Station and went on our return journey. The trip is short but it is a very good one than any other trips I have ever took.

Traveling with my friends, I have different feelings about everything, though I have experienced it before. With different people, you have different feelings. And this is also why the trip with friends can be so interesting and fascinating to me.

The Power of Compelling Scenes

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